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by clif high, monday, April 21, 2014 3:53pm

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Future forecasting...January 2014 - ALTA report available here.

Current trends information:

terra context updates:

Current (April 19/20) earthquake and tsunami activity forecast to ramp up over following few weeks as the next phase in the earth expansion [breaks out]. This [break out] is forecast as being coincident with [break through] in [popular suppression].

Here at HPH we are expecting the first in a loooong string of [military payment] debacles to begin 90 days after the [shift (back) into bear market]. These will impact [DOD] very severely. There are suggestions that [inter-agency agenda conflicts] will [trigger] this [first, large, rippling payment fiasco] for the [us military (abroad = over seas)]. Note NOT a payroll issue, more like [default on vendors]. (4/7/2014)

The 'continued existance' language for the Federal Reserve Banksters (all zionists) will peak in the second week of May according to new data...had been in April. (4/21/2014)


Two fellows (t-shirts & bowties working together...can hell be far away?) trying to start a war with bitcoin:

tips accepted here at hph BTC BTC:

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globalpop updates:

Upcoming 'feast (of horror for banksters)' is forecast for April 20, 2014. The data suggests it will be EU centered as there are many, repetitious references to [easter church bells] and descriptors for [late afternoon sun/cafe crowd]. Note that the 'time thingy' is still rippling about the planet...a curious link in data sets goes to the [sidewalk cafe (innocents)] being [swept along in time tsunami] that was within the SpaceGoatFarts entity. Links terminate in the [disappearing men (note plural)]. Point of origin for links is Markets entity cross linked over to [banksters], and begins in GlobalPop [feast of horrors]. Curious supporting set about [men on motorcycles] who will be [part of the image] of the [feast]. A [black easter] for banksters? (4/7/2014) - note that we did have drive by Bankster murder this weekend 4/20/2014

Data sets are forecasting a [bad summer (incident)] for the [queen (of the) slaves (Britains)]. In the supporting sets we have [ugly (contenance of the queen) revealed] as [confrontational encounters] will [bloom] about [her (blood stained ugly twisted) feet]. The result could be (if i am interpreting it correctly) that the [queen flees] and ends up as a [prisoner] of her [own house]. Also note that the [blood shed] will be [relatives (of the tailed one = queen)]. (4/12/2014)


AS FORECAST: Dare not make fun of the minion class (from ALTA report).(4/18/2014)


spacegoatfarts context updates:

Eyup, seems i was correct. Some form of a 'time thingy' occurred in last few months. More evidence showing up about the effects of this. Will discuss in future article/wujo.

'Bizarre Distortion Wave' reported rippling through New that is what i was forecasting. Expect more of similiar and larger as we progress through rest of year. (4/7/2014)

Still have growing data sets for an [in (Max's) face] form of a [ufo/dalek (woo-woo)] encounter sometime before Fall. Data sets are quite interesting suggesting that this 'episode' will be fodder for global speculation at a huge level. Perhaps THE most commonly discussed, single temporal incident of this decade, but certainly this year. (4/11/2014)


hph analytics updates:

серебро тогда, теперь золото (Silver then, now Gold) - Russia planning a new 'gold age' to result from their educational reforms taking place in 2020. UNlike UN sponsored 'education' here in USA/WestLand Empire, in Russia the emphasis is on positive approach to Russian history, tradional values, and science/maths. (4/14/2014)

The Truth about the Bundy Standoff (vid) - stefan molyneux

It's all about PIE!....the whole damn Ukraine crisis/coup is all about PIE! If you want you can jump to last half of vid at 12:48...and listen to the long list of PIE ingredients. Max Keiser (4/19/2014) and the PIE conglomerate coup!

Heads up: Episode 2 and 3 of the BLM Shit-Com (comedy of shit-storm errors) will begin this week and continue on through the end of next (May 3, 2014) Be advised that these next two episodes are for ADULTS ONLY: Graphic Violence and BareFaced Politician Lies.....not for the kiddies, or weak at heart Statists. Posted: 4/21/2014