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by clif high, Friday, July 18, 2014 9:30am

with respect..

i have had language for a few weeks that indicated an historical rhyme to occur on or about July 20th. The historical rhyme seemed to point to an echo of the assassination attempt against Hitler. Now the data sets recently had pointed to the 'failed assassination attempt' as the echo...not the hitler part. BUT it is a minor participating linguistic in the supporting sets.

As usual when dealing with immediacy data sets, i was racing time and the event showed up early. It was the destruction of MH17. The echo to the past is now coming out in the multitude of reports that the downing of MH17 was an 'accident' or 'collateral damage' in the 'failed attempt to assassinate Putin'. You will see more of this language appearing over next few days.

Yes, this was what i was alluding to on Twitter and other sites over past few days. Sometimes, as you may appreciate, it is not wise to be too prescient when discussing the plots of the powerfully misguided.

Yes, as the meme builds out, it will affect the economic situation next week.


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Structured Water

So many questions after our recent successful duckweed and pie dough experiments (no not together, 2/two separate experiments), anyway, i thought to put up a few video links on how you too can make your own water structure device for minimal bucks and start experimenting on yourself and others.....

Hmmmmm.....shorter term data sets showing that [capitalism (distributed, economic/financial choatic collective behavior)] is coming to [globalPop (mostly, but not all at once)] in late 2014 (December). Hooah! Captialism! Can't wait to try it. End the Fed. Down with central planning! (7/12/2014)


Halfpasthuman 'Emotive Reduction Engine' is at the core of our predictive linguistics system, and allows our spyders to qualify and quantify and react to the emotive differences in the following examples centered around the phrase 'plucking queen' and variants of the contextural modifier, 'slave':

1) TSAR = The Second American Revolution. This time we finish it properly. No more presidents related to the plucking queen of the british slaves.

2) I spent all Saturday hunting the garage sales and scored big! I spent an hour plucking queen albums from some dusty old boxes. I am a slave to mint vinyl!

3) The victim had been stung many times in the past, but it was not until she encountered the africanized bees that plucking queens proved fatal. Prior to working as an apiculturist, she had spent 3 years lobbying against human trafficking and modern day sex slavery.

While humans internalize and react to the emotive content of words, software is usually blind to such distinctions. The HPH emotive reduction engine can 'read' emotions from such text, and further, determine which are also 'future shadowing'. It is this capacity to extract emotive nuance that allows us to do far better than 'chance' in our predictions of future manifestations.

IDIR 7-10-2014

by clif high, July 10, 2014 3:47pm

with respect..

Immediacy Data Intelligence Report July 10, 2014

Short format tracking existing data forecasts.

Current trends information:

terra context updates:

Early Fall and Winter predicted by data. Fall storms across northern hemisphere in August, and Winter settled in by October (7.21.2014)

As forecast: early damn snow: wax the skis: Whistler looking near ready. (7.24.2014)


July snow as predicted. In French Alps. Now we wait to see if snow falls in NE USA this July. Data suggests a 'duel' as to where the 'new north pole' will 'settle in/bed down'. Snow in French Alps article with fotos.(7/13/2014)

Yes, the data does show [disruptions] via [volcanoes] here in USA. i had thought that this longer term data set was focusing on Mt. Rainier, and the big [earthquake] and [tsunami] of 2017 or 2018. However there are recent growth patterns in data sets indicating [disruption] at the [civil society level (infrastructure)] in a separate [volcano eruption] incident. Yes, sadly for all of us here in the West of North America, there ARE indications that [yellowstone] will be involved. However, please note that it is not possible for Yellowstone to erupt as it has in the past as the magma bolus is only about 1/10 (one tenth) part as big as its estimated size at the last eruption. And also, when that last Yellowstone eruption did occur, there were no less than 20/twenty individual volcanoes venting the eruption. (7/13/2014)

markets context updates:

Tipping point forming up now. The data sets have added the [gaza slaughter by israel] as a central emotive theme in this tipping point. It appears very complex even now. Tipping point involves [markets], and [banksters], all being [caught up/bound up] in the [anti israel globalpop reaction]. This is not THE central 'theme' of the tipping point. That is very complex, and the Gaza aspect/attribute sets are only contributing about 1/3 (one third) of the emotive sums, albeit at extreme levels. The themes so far identified are centered around [destruction (of the) past financial systems]. These sets in support of [financial system destruction], and [evil controls the money] memes are currently holding the [gaza slaughter] sets. The thinking is now that even with the rising emotive values around [israeli inhuman behavior], the tipping point will be more generally (globally) be considered to the [currency system meltdown] that will produce a [planet wide hyperinflation].

The tipping point is still forming and is NOT directly related to 7/21/2014 events. These have an emotive echo forming within the tipping point sets so the 7/21 manifestations will be participating, but will not (apparently) dominate. The data shows PMs starting to rise against currencies after July 21. Precious metals will be central to the hyperinflation language this Fall (northern hemisphere).

i still have building sets for 600+ USD per ounce of silver, and [no price (in dollars)] for an ounce of gold. The data sets here are quite clear that (for dollars) the availability of gold will be drying up AFTER the price rises to greater than 16,200 per ounce. These prices represent a very brief snapshot in time. As the hyper inflation runs its course, the prices for gold and silver will reach extremes, and then the data sets indicate a general [collapse] in [currency based activities aka 'the economy as we knew it']. This period that follows can be considered a (brief) bout of necessary global deflation. The data sets for this upcoming period (about a half year+ out depending on where you live) are actually very optimistic as in spite of how terrible it will be, this next generation does get itself motivated and we start a new [climb up (out of struggle)]. Be advised that the [time of struggle] does last over a decade. And starts in about a year (more or less).

{ed note: best i can do under my current circumstances. my apologies for irregular availability during these critical days, but universe calls me elsewhere} (7/16/2014)


For those who had questions about BTC's place in terra events of next few months/years....if bored, jump to about 15:00 into vid. Described adequately, if somewhat understated. (7/17/2014)

tips accepted here at hph BTC BTC:

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globalpop updates:


As forecast: language about 'missing documents' showing up. This temporal marker is filled. (July 21, 2014)

Note - i forecast a few months back that it would be on June 22, 2014 that the Russians would be forced by circumstances to respond to events in Ukraine. Yes, it still seems likely that the 'western' media whores, aka pressitutes, will be screaming 'INVASION' at the top of their lungs, but time will show this is not the case in tomorrow's events. Further, the response by the mainstream media propaganda whores here in USA is going to be so completely excessive as to actually create (by the emotive context of their words), one of the [markets crises] that they will then 'report' on Monday. Data sets indicate these events are very good for precious metals owners, bad for fiat/debt purveyors, and are the precursors to the July 7 and onward manifestations (think 'derivatives'). A last note to all the Tylers out and about, our data sets indicate that this coming Tuesday may very well surprise us all. (6/21/2014)

Addendum: as the June 22 call was based on shorter term data, it will likely emerge within the error rate range of 4/four weeks out to 3/three months with it more likely earlier in that range. (7/16/2014)


spacegoatfarts context updates:

Hmmm...more of the UFO + Daleks (= robots) language showed up in Max Keiser today. He was discussing the abstract. My forecast was off by about 1/4 month in timing, and we are still only about half way to the emotional sums involved and the [in his face] sets are still outstanding in fulfillment. Further, there are 8/eight of the array elements supporting the [in your face] + [robots] still outstanding in the process. Further, the timing now is probably moot as we are within the shorter term data set error range, and, as is most frequently the case, within the first third of that range. Further, again a timing issue, the [robots] language on Max Keiser is appearing against the background of [violence] within [ukraine]. (7/17/2014)


Navies love water, of course! But usually to be on it, or under it, or flying over it. So what is it about what is happening to the water on this planet that has the US Navy's Space War Center sooooo intrigued? Something to do with why some experiments work sometimes, but not others, when water is the focus of course? Hmmm....If we outside are ignorant of the ex-pan-sive conundrum, perhaps en-lighten-ment will be shinning down upon us this summer (northern hemisphere)?. SGFs suggest that a whole lotta light is going to be spread around the planet for a number of years causing all manner of thingeys to be scurring in their dark corners. And it all relates back to the [unknown energies from space] linguistics that first begat the SpaceGoatFarts entity just about a decade ago. (6/11/2014)


It was Viktor Schauberger's Implosion Engine that powered the Nazi flying saucers from Untersuchung Abteilungs 3, 5, and 7. These engines were 'prefected' to the point of the creation of the 'temporal bending' effect before 1947, and thus could have been used against Admiral R. Byrd's Antarctica expedition of that year in which the US Navy was defeated in a battle lasting 20 minutes with several [saucers, spheres, and cigar shaped craft] that [rose silently and swiftly from the waters]. Byrd reputedly lost a destroyer, half his planes, and nearly a third of his personnel. It is my contention that once the first of the 'temporal bending' effects were generated, the mechanisms already existed within the VS Implosion Engine to create the necessary shielding effects, and thus convert 'air breathers' to 'time warpers' pretty much instantly. Again, once this effect was observed, the harnessing and control of it would have been the primary focus of the staff of brilliant engineers and scientists who had been transported to Antarctica over 1942 through 1946. This information is now very important as the shorter and longer term data sets are indicating [massive ice shifts] across [antarctica] which will [disturb the inhabitants] and (according to the SpaceGoatFarts entity) cause the [flying inhabitants of antarctica (to go) walk-about]. Hmmm......now that ought to be interesting, in spite of the global ocean level rises that will be accompanying the [emergence (of the) flying inhabitants]. (6/20/2014)


hph analytics updates:

Predicting the future through social networks (note they stumbled onto shorter term data types within the immediacy values of the twitter stream - the same phenomenon i observered in 1998 as the internet was being populated with data (pre-twitter))

USNavy knows what i (and a few million rishi) know: Water does not exist. Water 'molecule' cannot be found. Instead all of water is ONLY energy in form of highly complex lattice structures fleetingly and energetically binding two gases. Thus the idea of using the water lattice energy structures themselves as a fuel source. How these energetic lattices provide 'suspension', and 'dilution', and anti-gravity is still unknown to the Navy researchers. Our data suggests that a [new electrics break-through] is pending in 2014 when [sympathetic resonance mapping/tapping?] will be announced. (5/23/2014)

A whole lot of negative language about USA out-and-about these days. Much of the worst of it coming from USA residents. It is kind of irritating. ALL of the negative language about gov'mint is deserved, and we should heap more on it, but, the citizens have to watch their *trained* response of identifying with the officialdom.

It is not 'we' that have caused wars, ever. It is the frack'n gov't. Officialdom here in these united States of America has been seized by criminals and is running batshit out of control. So, please watch your language, you are NOT the gov'mint. And the gov'mint is NOT the USA. It is merely the criminal cabal TEMPORARILY in charge. Also note that focusing on getting rid of the predatory criminal class here in these united States is NOT isolationism.

If you let them control your language, they will control your view of world and make you their slaves (again). (6/15/2014)