ALTA Report June 15, 2013

Future forecasting linguistic trends.

ALTA Reports are now available. These Asymmetric Linguistic Trend Analysis reports are delivered in an audio format. (Link to current report at the bottom of this page).

These reports are derived from our proprietary processing techniques and include all three data types. For the month of June, as we work out some technical issues, a special pricing is being put into effect. There will be two reports in June. The first is available as of June 15, 2013.

No second report for june (obviously). Data on flow for written report in first part of July (maybe about the 10th).

NOTE: if you decide to purchase access to these reports via any method (excepting Bitcoin), DO NOT LEAVE the payment system until it has sent you back to our site for your access codes. These will be in the form of a user-id (or name) word and a password combination phrase. If you do leave the page, you will need to send us email to moon at this domain to rectify the situation...this will involve a wait as we are really busy now and do not check emails that often.

We are trying out multiple purchase options:

To purchase with BitCoin, send one tenth BTC (0.1BTC) to the following address, then send us email that you have done so to moon at this domain with the subject of BTC ALTA1_615. We will send return email with your access code.

BTC address is: 186pmramSjoE5QjYbn5TibSTHdRwy7C1LD


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Link to ALTA June 15, 2013 1hr 47mn