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No live critters accepted. Space alien bodies...well, ok as long as they are hygenically preserved and don't smell...and certainly ANY space alien machinery is better than US FRNS...(posted 7/23/2014 12:00pm)

About ALTA reports:

The ALTA in the title stands for 'asymetric linguistic trend analysis'.

We do this work on the understanding that:

  • all humans are psychic (aware of it, or not);
  • all humans 'leak out' psychic impressions in their choice of language;
  • these leaked psychic impressions can be gathered by computer software scanning the internet for specific forms of 'change process' within text based posts.

We gather vast amounts of linguistic 'chunks' from the internet and using an emotional/linguistic transform of our own devising, we populate a virtual modelspace with time based projections of future lingusitic trends, and the events likely to prompt their manifestation.

This data is processed through our set theory based analysis system to provide the modelspace from which our interpretive forcasts are made.

This process has been running since 1997, and making publically available forecasts since 2000. We can be researched under ALTA reports, 'web bots', 'clif high', 'halfpasthuman', and other, less savory, but perhaps more descriptive names. It is left up to you to validate the worth of our reports against your circumstances. Do your research first. Buyer be warned.

But we are nice guys and have our own dharma working, so if you purchase and discover the material is not for you, we will refund. Contact us if that is the case.