YAPMF (Yet Another Planetary Mind Fuck from those who claim they own your ass...)

with respect, let us begin...

Yet another planetary mind fuck (YAPMF) is coming. As with all the previous planetary mind fucks before it, the criminals at the top of this insanity pyramid think it will aid in saving their ass. They think of it as 'remaining in control', but basically, these days, everything these criminal families do is to 'save their asses'. If they do not continue to maintain control over your mind, they are fucked. Well, let us be realistic. It is actually worse than that; they would not be merely fucked, more than likely they would be killed** out of sheer disgust at the centuries of corruption (soon to have been revealed). So, you see, they, the entrenched powers, have plenty of motivation to keep the whole 'control game' thing going. And as is also evident from the current levels of global instability in any context you care to discuss (economics, financial, political, terra, even space), the entrenched powers are getting desperate as control is slipping everywhere.

As their control slips due to the self reinforcing dynamics of the net connected omnihumanity, the loss of control brings increased instability which brings increased opportunities for minds to be shocked away from the control structures of the entrenched powers which in turn breeds a virtuous cycle that the entrenched powers fear even more than their personal death. Soo....they are planning for YAPMF.

While the new PMF will be like 9/11, or the War on Terrorism, or the Iraq War, or the 2008 Bankster Crisis, or any of their other, recent PMF's in that it will be used to cover yet another huge draining of money from the global financial system into the 'break away civilization' (after all they still need to buy pie from us ground bound humans),

9/11 = 2.2 trillion gone

WOT = 4.3 trillion gone

Iraq War = 5.65 trillion gone

2008 Bankster Crisis = 6.79 trillion gone

this pending (soon, very soon) PMF will be different. In addition to the resource theft (we calculate over 16 trillion will be the target), the entrenched powers will also be seeking to 'test run' their new coping strategy. Wait for it...we can't reveal it ahead of time and you'll see why when they debut it.

It would appear that the onrushing pace of events in the solar system, as well as with the mass of omnihumanity, is threatening the well laid plans of the entrenched powers for global smack-down. To their horror the entrenched powers have discovered that the flow of events is rapidly slipping from their control (due to too many confluences to discuss here), and that they must, if there is any hope of maintaining their grip on terrestrial humanity, accelerate their plans. Soooo...the long drawn out progression of wars, through terrorism, through financial chaos, was to lead directly to nuclear false flag incidents.

But now, post Fukashima, the 'nuclear card' is far less valuable. The way this stuff works in the matterium, the 'owners' of the entrenched powers only really get their ki/chi 'juice up' IF there is 'shock and awe' associated with the manifesting circumstances. If we all go,(yawn)"ok, so...linguini for lunch?" when they roll out their 'nuclear nightmare' scenario, well, then it is pretty much all over for the entrenched powers. It would be due to how fear works in our collective consensus reality. Due to having already been saturated with nuclear related, fear tinged imagery, the amount of new 'juice' would be minimal.

You see, they cannot afford even a single failure with their PMF program. If the any single PMF fails, not only will the entrenched powers be excoriated by their owners, but their 'audience', all us captive terrestrial humanity, will start to think that they, the entrenched powers, are ass-clowns. They cannot have that. They must have fear. They can never have ridicule. Thus, their current conundrum relative to the up coming PMF.

Just which scenario to use? Remember that what ever PMF they use, it HAS to cover the theft of at least half of terrestrial humanity's financial resources as the global monetary system collapses.

The progression HAD called for the 'false flag nuk-lar' event to next cause global panic. But, well, we have all just been saturated, both linguistically and radioactively, with our fair share of nuclear words, so what to do?

What's up next? Mega-earthquake doom as New Madrid rips north america in two? Comet impact doom? Space Alien invasion? So many choices, so little time.

This is the key...so little time. The next PMF is needed damn quick and the entrenched powers know this. So do we here at hph. The collective psyche of omnihumanity alert us to the coming of Yet Another Planetary Mind Fuck as the linguistics are sampled for this next (September) report. The details leaking out will not be presented here as the entrenched powers would just change the flow at the last minute to avoid the forecast. As we have discovered over the years (decades) here at HPH...best to just let universe unfold as it wishes.

So it is enough to know that it is coming. And soon (like really soon). The YAPMF will make its appearance as the entrenched powers will have it, but when it does come there will be a number of aware observers nodding....'saw it coming', they will say. And 'is that the best they can do?' will soon follow. This is the forecast outcome. It has rippled back from the previously manifest pending past that is our future. This YAPMF will fail. Not that this will make the 'owners' of omnihumanity any less dangerous, but it will reduce their power to fuck with humans here on terra. The willful sheeple are excluded from the humans reference here. At least this current generation of 'religiously devout' will 'accept' the upcoming YAPMF. However as the 'religiously devout' category is restricted to only those genetically capable of living continually in denial of manifesting circumstances, the percentage of terrestrial humans who 'swallow the blue pill' will be small.

Can ass-clown status, for the entrenched powers, be far behind? Probably not. For some of terrestrial humanity, the entrenched powers are already held in the great level of esteem reserved for ass-clowns, and this will be demonstrated when the next YAPMF debuts (*note that our data has all kinds of very interesting details about just this 'demonstrations of non acceptance/non belief' that we will all see played out on the planetary media stage really damn soon, like within the fall equinox to winter solstice period). And (he chortles gleefully) there will be nothing that MSM can do about it!

The good news is that a whole new world and universe awaits all of us who make it through the next few years of solar system changes, and the increasingly desperate, ass-clown antics of the entrenched powers. The bad news is that not all the good people will make it through. But enough will see the YAPMF for what it is to escape this current level of slavery, and success breed success, as universe allows.

End of YAPMF alert.

Definition: entrenched powers - you know these guys, the criminals at the top. The 'illuminated' ones who hide behind 'pubic service lodges' in order to corrupt your judicial, educational, economic, military, and political systems with sex, blackmail, money and worse, and then use them to take your resources and give it to themselves in their guise as 'bankers'. Now we know that they miss spelled 'bankster' deliberately, but the context is still there in their actions. The entrenched powers are the criminals at the top of the rotting social infrastructure known variously as 'western society', or the anglo-american-masonic-corporate empire.

**Universe Policy: killing, as in personal revenge, acts of rage, cold blooded murder, even of the bankster scum, and/or their owners or any other minion or entrenched power, is stupid. First, it puts the regular human stupid enough to perform the killing at risk of damaging personal karma, as well as bodily retaliation, and second, it lets the bastard(s) (victims of the murders) off too lightly. It merely recycles their consciousness through the matterium process. They only suffer (in the meaningful sense demanded by revenge thoughts) for the very brief few moments in which they realize their death is actually imminent. Waaaay too damn easy for these fuckers. So, if you know anyone having revenge thoughts against any human collaborators including banksters, et al, pass along this meme, "it is waay too easy an out". Or 'hey, let the bastards live so that they may suffer (the 'at our hands' is implied, but you may say it if you wish)". Now, my thought, as an aikidoka, is that we 're-educate' these poorly 'illuminated' ones such that they are no longer psychopathic personalities immersed in contemplating the wonders of their own twisted minds and that they would (in the process) come to understand their crimes against omnihumanity, and thus truly suffer, in the only meaningful sense, in, and out of the matterium. But hey, just an idea. If your karma and the pressures of unaware existence are driving you to murder, probably you are NOT going to be open to the 'hey dude, just chill, we'll work it out' message. However, with all due respect, if you get to that level of rage, reach out (gently) and talk to someone trust-worthy. The talk need not be about the emotional pressure cooker in your gut, it can be about any other thing in matterium, just know that hearing the vibrations of another human voice as you watch their face in this expressive contact WILL alter your state of mind. So seek out a calm face, (best with some pie and beverage) and just bullshit for a while. Then see if the whole murder-the-fucker idea still has merit. BTW: All the calm humans need to be aware to be extra open to invitations to pie and discussions about life, universe, and everything during these next few months (right up to/through December 12th, 2011).


(F)august 26, 2011