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In this book I detail a system that I used to capture 22% conversion rate with Twitter ads. This information is so powerful that it took me from a 2.47% rate to 22% conversion rate in one campaign!

Get your advertising key words cheap!

On less than 5 cents per click! That's correct! Five cents! In my system, i only go for the very high value, but very low cost advertising key words. My book tells you how to get there ahead of your competitors!

Why spend money for advertising key words you don't know will work?

My book will show you exactly how you can determine just which words will work, and how to execute your social media advertising campaign with surgical precision!

For the very small price of $99.00 dollars!

Yes, for the price of only a few cups of whipped milk with coffee you are on your way to dominating the advertising key words in your life like a boss!

Yes, this is likely the most expensive small ebook you will ever buy.

Or not!

You can sit there, frightened by the cost, and not buy this book. What will happen?

Absolutely nothing!

That is correct. Your advertising key words mistakes will still be eating money out of your account an hour from now. That is about how long it will take you while reading this book to realize I am correct about emotive linguistics. Then you will want to pause all your campaigns until you finish the book, read it a couple of more times, and then go try the methods I detail for you on one of your limp, and costly campaigns. But not if you just sit there, and fret about the price.

This is a case of where the price is far less than the value.

Buy it! Try it! Prove it!

This is the most valuable small ebook you will ever have the opportunity to purchase!

If you are spending money on social media advertising, this will be the most valuable small ebook you will ever buy. You will stop wasting money and recover the cost of this book within your very next advertising key words campaign on any social media platform!

I captured a 22% conversion rate on Twitter using this system.

I have been working with linguistics and deep data mining on the internet since 1997! I started my exploration of the material i present here with the invention of my emotive reduction engine which powers my predictive linguistics software.

In the 35 pages of this book, you will learn a system that will turn your approach to advertising key words upside down! This book details a system that will naturally pull traffic for your advertising. In this book, I provide step by step instructions for building your own lexicon of advertising power words! I show you how to extract these words from the internet using Twitter as an example. These words are then easily processed into a lexicon of power words that will make your audience snap to attention and demand more!

More! That's right, this book will allow you to do far more with your advertising money! Stop wasting it on advertising key words that are doing you no good!

After absorbing this powerful system in these concentrated pages of deep instruction, you will be able to take charge of any social media advertising campaign! You will be an advertising Boss with advertising key words as your Bitch!

Make advertising key words draw traffic like a naked woman giving away free beer!

I have used this book to package the core concepts into a system that uses publicly available software on the internet to turn advertising key words from any social media into your bitch! This system encapsulates everything you need to know into a step by step process that will take you from quivering at the sight of advertising key words to absolute mastery over them!

No more wasting money on campaigns that are designed to fail!

Yes, that is correct, you designed every one of your failing campaigns right into the garbage bin of advertising when you set out without knowing how to cut through the giant mass of advertising key words to grab just the very few you need with surgical precision!

Let's face it, time is your only real asset. You will only have to buy this book one time. You will be buying advertising key words the rest of your advertising life. Want to dominate the bitch? To make the advertising key words do what they promise?

I don't waste your time!

This book presents the system i use as a series of linguistic tools. It does NOT show you how to use any software. I assume you are an adult and can learn the various social media web pages on your own. I don't waste my time or yours typing up instructions on how to use software that will change by the time you buy this book. What I do present is the system, and how to use it with any software and any social media you choose. The elements of the system are not software specific! It will work on any advertising campaign on any platform!

Money Back Guarantee

At the very beginning of the book are instructions on how to get a refund if my system does not work for you.

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The Sensei's Edge!

A discussion about online advertising and marketing.

Boost your advertising on Twitter, for Free!

Several hundred millions of humans are on Twitter any given second. The 140 character limit, as well as the real time nature of the interaction CAN produce an advertiser's dream state wherein people will willingly send your advertisement along to their friends...with the in-built validation of a retweet. Most people on Twitter will automatically take a re-tweeting as a referral from the sender. If you structure your advertisement well, it could be re-tweeting for days to the millions you are trying to reach with your product, your service, your crazy ass idea.

Structure your Twitter ads for maximum RT value.

Twitter ads are tweets. As such, it makes sense to take advantage of re-tweeting when structuring your advertisement. Twitter calls these 'creatives', e.g. the tweets that are used as you advertisement.

As with all social media, there are a few approaches that will boost the re-tweeting potential as you design your 'creative'. These rules of tweets are easily summarized.

1) don't use all 140 characters if you can avoid it.

2) Include a graphic image, or video with the tweet.

3) Put any links in the middle of the tweet, not at the end.

These three tweet rules will greatly boost the potential for re-tweets, and engagements. When running an advertising campaign on Twitter, the use of these three rules can double your response rate. This is especially accurate with 'tweet engagement' campaigns.

The other guidelines include timing (noon to 2pm) for maximum potential retweets. There are also day of the week hot time periods for maximum retweet potential. Usually Friday afternoon, between noon and 4pm, but note it is really 2pm, but it shifts across the country with the day. These calendar and daily timing periods can be worked very effectively taking the readers location into account. There are other ways to use timing in your campaign, both in placing your advertisements on the Twitter timeline, and targeting specific geographic areas. As an example of such use, if I were in the pie business, I would build my creative around a really good picture of one of my pies, then I would tweet the image out with my description text JUST before noon for the east coast. Then as the central time zone of Twitter-verse shifted into view, I would once again launch that campaign. Same with the west coast.

By Tweeting the advertisement, paid or not, just before noon (actually timing varies by more than an hour depending on the season and the weather) you will be capitalizing on basic human motivation...i.e. “lunch”. Humans are especially receptive to new ideas when they are anticipating lunch. True, try it yourself. My propagation studies using my pie pictures proved it definitively (at least to me) a couple of years back.

There are dozens of other tactics you can employ in your Twitter advertising campaign. We are going to explore them all in this blog, and on Twitter.

Check back to get more of The Sensei's Edge as you slash your costs and thrust right to the heart of your advertising!


for real time updates to data forecasts!