Advice to the very guilty fuckers...

When universe decides it is done with me, and this body is surrendered back to the stream of energy from whence it came (no, Virginia, atoms do not really exist; it is only universe pretending to be solid just where you are poking it.), it will arrive as a pretty beat up wreck of a human. Covered in scars and deformities from decades of battles and an equally long history of being a stupid ass, this body's inhabitant has admittedly been a less than careful caretaker of the flesh it was allocated for this sojourn (soul journey) through the matterium. Mea culpa's of inattention, frequent distraction while operating machinery, and a lack of good sense that inevitably led to wrong place, wrong time conjunctions notwithstanding, this body's inhabitant has at least learned a thing or two about wounds and pain in the long process of acquiring wisdom the hard way, one cut at a time.

The thing to learn about pains is this, all wounds are an energy transfer process. True, humans think of wounds as big OW!s, but at the core of the experience of damage, either emotional or physical, the human is actually participating in an energy transfer. This is a very meaningful context in which to learn to harmonize with universe around the wounds and pain that are certain to be part of everyone's future.

Think of any wounding, say a cut with any sharp object, or blunt force trauma...absolutely any form of damage to your 'body' is in fact a disruption of the standing wave of energy that is really your 'body'. You see...you, along with all humans and likely most of life, are pretty slow. Not stupid, just sensorially deprived. That is to say, your sensory inputs, video, audio, tactile, et cetera, are operating at very slow rates of energy transfer. Your mind perceives light in such a way that flashing images at 24 frames per second actually appear to be 'in motion' to your visual senses and your visual decoding part of your brain. Same with both sound and touch...both are operating at less than 100 'frames' a second. Reality is actually composed of energy patterns of vast complexity, some more self-aware than others, that are vibrating so fast as to 'trick themselves' into thinking that reality is solid. As waves of constrained vibrations, Life in matterium usually but not always is mostly unaware of its actual nature, and thinks itself to be 'solid matter'. That no matter is solid is not considered in Life's view of itself and it, more or less unhappily, ponders a universe filled with sharp objects and blunt edges all hurtling its way.

So Life watches the accident (wounding experience) unfold through its thigh barely a quarter of an inch from its knee, blood and muscle, sinews, and tendons first shredded by steel teeth as the rotating blade pumped flesh across the tops of the rhododendron bushes. Hmmmm....thought Life, that hurts like hell! And thus began the pain part of that wounding experience.

The thing that Life fails to appreciate at the time of most woundings, is that in reality it is not the removal of the flesh that is causing the pain, but rather it is the intake of energy, usually suddenly and without warning, that is at the actual root of the pain. Later, when the healing process is completed, and Life has recovered from the pain experience to at least its usual minimum operational level, Life can contemplate logically just what had occurred and come to certain conclusions not evident in the experience at the moment of the wounding.

Life can easily understand how the little bits of flesh and blood and bone flying through the air, obviously no longer attached to the body proper cannot be causing pain to the body as they are now absent. And to think that their absence itself is the cause of the pain would require that the empty space formerly occupied by flesh was sending signals through Life's nervous system. Or alternatively.....well, Life knowing itself to be a standing wave of energy also recognizes that the saw blade forcing itself through flesh is a direct form of energy disruption to the template of its body, both the greater energy body and the perceived, coagulated 'material' body. This means that the standing wave pattern that had been Life's body has become distorted by absorbing and transmitting the energy of the saw as it traveled through the same 'physical' space. This is exactly the same with all other 'accidents' as may befall human or other life in matterium. Any form of damage is an energy transfer into the standing wave template that is the body.

Another example that perhaps better illustrates the concept was learned by this body's inhabitant decades ago. Working for its 'living' at the time in the forest harvest industry (logger) here in the Pacific Northwest of continental USA, this body had encounter a seriously miserable winter day. Rain, sleet, snow, hail, freezing cold, and heavy dangerous work from pre-dawn to post-dusk had brought this body and its inhabitant to the end of an exhausting day as a tired, frozen, depleted shell of a human.

Once home, and while attempting to restore some of the calories (hint = energy transfer) to this body both internally and externally, the tired inhabitant let attention slip for a moment and the left foot of the body touched the nearly red hot metal of the wood stove used to heat the house.

A nearly instant, LARGE energy transfer occurred. Life in this body recognized it by the smell of burning foot meat.

Then the pain part of the experience began. Of course much screaming, cursing, and general thrashing about also began.

Then this body's inhabitant, thinking itself really brilliant, rushed out the front door, and shoved the offended foot into the nearest snow bank. Again, an energy transfer occurred....this one very much more pleasant than the last.

“Whew.” Thought this body's inhabitant only moments later, “ that was nasty, but ALL better now.”

Of course, this body's inhabitant was merely operating in doofus mode. After returning inside, and once again sealing the house up against the inclement weather, this body's inhabitant realized within mere seconds, that the pain part of this particular wounding aka energy transfer was far from over.

Once again a mad dash out into the freezing rain to plunge the foot into the snow. Not note that while the bottom of the foot of the body was fine with this, the rest of the body was protesting the freezing cold, and the continuing effort to remain vertical.

It was likely due to the exhausted state of the body's inhabitant that it took several hours of repeated episodes of pain, rush to snow bank for relief, but induce other body parts into pain before realization struck that this would continue as long as the 'excess' energy imparted by the burning process was still 'in' the energy of the body. That is, the body's inhabitant understood, albeit tiredly, that a restoration of the previous 'energy balance' was necessary before relaxation, and then ultimately, sleep, could occur. As there was no 'cat door' or other hole through the house to access the snow which was extracting the energy imparted by its opposite, heat, faster than could occur in the air of the warm house, and as the body was too bone weary to accept more cold just for the sake of a burn no matter how painful, the inhabitant informed the bottom of the foot of the body's collective decision, and reassured it that it, the inhabitant, would be going through the pain experience with it, and the standing wave of energy that is the body for this experience of Life, hobbled inside to flop, exhausted, on the floor.

Over the next hour of aspirin and pain, the energy balance was restored. It was then that the body's inhabitant understood that had it just taken that route earlier, that is, eaten the pain then, all at once in a single go, it could have been asleep hours earlier.

Time has proven this to have been a valuable experience in that it taught the lesson of 'eating all your pain' in a single go. If Life thinks about what experience of banging around in matterium provides, the lesson of 'pain delayed is pain magnified' becomes quite clear from everyone's personal experience.

Collectively, the maxim is also easily demonstrated factual at any level, and within any context in matterium.

It is our collective failure as humans that allows for all and any dictatorship to arise. This includes the current dictatorship of the corrupt. The collective failure to exercise mental energy in keeping watch on politicians, banksters, and other human scum has led us to the current state of affairs in which the minions of the entrenched (and hidden) powers fearing the populace of the planet, are contemplating yet another planetary war to try to mind-shift blame for collective pain to a myth of an 'enemy'. They, these minion scum, the same ones who 'bailed out' the banksters and themselves, are attempting to transfer energy. They are desperately trying to transfer all the transpersonal rage coming from the populace to anyone other than themselves or their masters.

The idea being flogged out now, is that 'IRAN' is the enemy. If this new war is not being bought, the minions will use every possible variant of the 'SODDI' (Some Other Dude Did It) defense that comes anywhere close to their twisted small minds.

The fundamental (religious deprecating pun intended) problem for the minions, and even more so for their masters, is that all woundings are energy transfers. As with all energy transfers in matterium basic maths apply. So we have a situation where 99 percent of the planet's humans have been wounded by 1 percent. Again, energy transfer math at work as they took a very very very very very very very long time to wound a very very very very very large amount of people so absolutely huge amounts of energy have been transferred. We, all the 99 percent of humans, are carrying around all this energy as the result of the 'slings and arrows of outrageous fortune' that turns out to be neither outrageous nor fortune, but rather the deliberate accumulated acts of a small cadre of people over a very long time indeed. All of our wounds, physical and emotional, are energies seeking balance.

As some of the 1 percent must realize, the redress of all that energy coming back onto a fractionally small portion of the populace will undoubtedly be a stamina and character testing experience. Thus their fears to accept their fate, and their desperate attempts to delay their personal experience of this pending energy transfer.

It also should be noted that the 99 percent have yet more pain coming, though not more wounding as that has already occurred. What has happened is that the collective, planetary financial and governance system understood as central bank globalism has wounded the populace to the extreme edge of its tolerance. The planetary populace is in the process of understanding that the only way past this wounding is to shed the dead flesh (planetary central banking system and its twin 'currencies' paper 'money' and war). Only then can the healing part of the wounding process be started.

As the rotting corpse of the planetary central banking (and warfare) system falls, it will induce pain not yet considered by the 99 percent as the totality of modern, paper-debt based civilization transforms over these next years. That neither the fall of the system, nor the personal experience of pain can be avoided needs to be grasped. That this pain will be collectively shared will bring some measure of support to each, as all know that the suffering is mutual.

At one level, this body's inhabitant wants to vent the accumulated decades of transpersonal rage onto the 1 percent, and further to do so in full measure for their crimes, both real, perceived, and unknown. At other levels as a practicing yogi (at the sutra 2 level), and aikidoka, as well as being a radiator of the compassion wavelengths, this body's inhabitant recognizes that personal expression of compassion will dominate its manifestation of transpersonal rage. Sigh...it's 'cause they are human... mostly, these minions that is...

However, recognizing that energy transfer math applies, the equation comes down to this:

a whole planetary populace, full of rage, frustration, desperation, and pain has initiated an energy transfer onto a very small number of very guilty fuckers.

Most of these pissed off people are not as affected by compassion waves as this body thus will be quite happy to transfer all the energy received over their lives back onto the guilty fuckers. Since there are actual billions of pissed off people, the very guilty fuckers are going to be on the receiving end of one hell of an energy transfer.

As an old fart who has learned from the past decades of energy transfer coming from the very guilty fuckers, there are a few words of advice that this body's inhabitant has regarding wounding and pain. Noting that the very guilty fuckers are both few in number, and are individuals of personality types that are already uncomfortable with their personal expression of Life in matterium, and are therefore self isolating, self deluding, and have spent all their lives trying to avoid uncomfortable feelings, and sensations, this body's inhabitant is aware the advice proffered will not be understood. Or used... Oh well...we do what we can....

Advice to the very guilty fuckers:

  1. shared pain and suffering (as you well know when you put yours on us) drains away the energy from its source making it less damaging;

  1. it is best to eat your pain in a single meal.




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