'why have power in the bardo?'...


i have received a very good question that goes to the idea of why bother with trying to take 'power' or 'ki' or 'energy' with you when you die and go to the bardo.

Note that the discussion that follows is merely one way of thinking about life, death and subsequent 'events'. Do not take offense at the words if it differs from your understanding. Please wait until i intend to piss you off before becoming irate (it will probably happen, seem to irritate most soon enough).

Always good to question basic precepts as it tunes ones thinking. Note that to discuss a place with no space, time, or bodies, we must pretend here, that there, has both, at least in our language here when discussing there.

So, the reason to meditate is that if you do not meditate (or gain stored ki some other way such as effective alchemy [a whole other subject entirely]), then when you die, you will be in a 'system' in which the 'recipient' (you in your now non corporal state (no body)) is provided just enough energy to be able to be 'processed' through 'debriefing' of your just 'departed' life, and get you ready for your next life. Bear in mind that most of us will spend less than 49/forty-nine (7 times 7) days there. This is 49 matterium/earth days, not the 'apparent time' to you as recipient of the process. That is an entirely subjective period, and thus is explained how the concept of 'hell' arose. It is when you are being debriefed, your actions/karma against and for others will be relived. If you did not choose the appropriate behavior for the circumstances at the time, you may well subjectively 're-experience' in toto, from all perspectives, which is to say, as the person/beings you have wronged, those transgressions for a time that will seem to be years/decades/ages as you 'process' your role in them....is a better understanding of hell available to the thinking mind? As neither time nor space exist in the bardo to those recipients, the apparent time becomes the 'infinity' of the pit of your own crimes against others...re-lived by you at an excruciating emotional intensity that is provided in the power/energy funneled into the 'recipient'.

Just enough energy. Many systems of thought describe it with different words, but you can think of it as being able to be 'you', but 'tethered' to an external energy source (universal or 'common' level) that provides you with the ability to 'respond' effectively to the 'process', but not to have anything close to the freedom or 'will power' that you have here in corporeal form. At least most of us have potential to have will power. Many do not, again, another subject for another day. However, yes, the idea of a toaster with its cord to the wall does suffice as basically, that is you, unless you figure a way to get your consciousness together on this side of death and carry over some ki with you. You will be drug through the debriefing process pretty much the way cattle are drug through a slaughter house. To many recipients, that is very close to this experience.

With available ki batteries charged (sometimes referred to as your 'mud ball' because there, in the bardo, 'mud' or 'granular energy, aka matter', is really power-full....very much like taking a 15kw diesel generator with you to light your way), you have freedom of 'movement'.

If you have ki in the bardo, many avenues are open to you. You need not be a part of the process if it is within you to separate yourself from it (very complicated sheeit here so we let it go at that). But one really cool part of having ki, whether one is passively or actively using it, is the ability to sustain yourself in a personal integrity fashion when confronted with the entire 'process', and the final nasty of the bardo BIG BADASS LORD Hu/Whu (or any number of other names). It does not matter what you call the 'judgement process arbiter'. In fact, it could even be merely self aware software as far as i can ascertain. But the ki (hahahaha) component to taking ki with you is you can just power yourself up, and announce to Biglordbadass (who will be very scary looking i can assure you regardless of the lies your religion tells you), that you will 'tend to your own sins'...and 'thank you for your concern', as it never hurts to be polite, especially when being determined and saying 'no'.

You see, you have that right. Your consciousness has many 'rights' in matterium. Most do not receive the handbook since it was stolen by the religions. Here in matterium you have the right to seek enlightenment, and to obtain, and hold it. There, in the bardo, you have the right to 'internal self integrity' where you recognize yourself in a higher sense as a 'unique' being, and, fully aware of what that actually means, you declare your 'self ness'.

Note that this is where the ki force is needed.

That is why one (males - again, physiology and gender mentality matter, so i cannot know what meditation is like for females) meditates. All the other ancillary benefits such as improved health, more vitality while alive, cessation of fear reactions, et cetera, are all really nice, but there is still this huge driving point even if none of those other benefits existed.

Oh, and this is why it is such fuckinghardwork to get to even 20 seconds of genuine meditative state as what you are doing is to affect universe at the energy-matter boundary layer. And that is why any human capable of 2/two minutes a day should consider themselves a meditating master. And teach others.

If you pursue meditation, know that you have self selected to be among the true elite of humans in universe. Failure in this path is an honor, tenacity demonstrates courage, pain reveals character, success is never achieved, time is the cost, eternity is the reward.



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pi, the only edible irrational number.

posted May 31, 2012