Barycenter at risk.....

YU-55 asteroid fly by at 201,700 miles from earth is within the earth-moon system and places our earth-moon barycenter (of orbit) at risk. This is the reason that the entrenched elite are taking all of the visible precautions seen these last few weeks. The effects on our barycenter are unpredictable. But probably *any* effects are NOT good.

It would seem advisable to prepare for earthquakes and other events of significant personal consequences over the day(s) of November 8 and 9.

A msm link to the fly by info - LA Times article about YU 55

A link to discussion about earth-moon barycenter - barycenter calcs.... note how the calcs are all about mass.

wiki it and be sure to scroll down to the animation of the two bodies orbiting a common barycenter as this is just what happens with earth and moon.

A NASA discussion with animation about the passage of YU 55 can be viewed here. If the NASA projection is accurate***, then the effect on the earth-moon system will be to retard the progression of the barycenter to the west. The effect should be small, but even small at a planetary system level is unpredictable in its results for humans who are also small. We can project that any earth located effects are more likely between 40 degrees north and 40 degrees south latitudes.

***Very likely the NaSA projection is very inaccurate. Note how the animation ONLY shows the moon in a standard orbital pattern in which one body rotates about the center of the other body's mass. As this animation does NOT show the earth-moon rotational system (as in the example at the Wikipedia article), it should be understood to be inaccurate and more PR projection than a factual representation of the complex orbital movements that will take place on November 8 and 9th.



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