by clif high, Tuesday, November 18, 2014 5:25pm

with respect...

You have heard the term, biohacking, and may even have some understanding of the contexts involved; however, likely you have not considered that biohacking is directly involved in your immediate future. And for reasons not instantly obvious.

Stemming from the psychedelics-as-teachers movements, and jump started by the TIHKAL (tryptamines i have known and loved) offshoot adherents, the basic core of biohacking has to do with increased human performance, although at a personal level, and this is what differentiates it from its logical extreme of 'trans-humanism'. Moving through the necessary stage of 'noo-tropic stacking', we have arrived at today's more diverse, and embracing, biohacking.

What i find most interesting is that universe has presented the context of biohacking JUST as we are entering a period of extremes of environmental stress for humanity, collectively, but more importantly, at the aggregated personal level.

My approach to biohacking is to 'proof' the concepts offered with my 1000/one-thousand year test. That is, if the idea can be translated to some variant of a practice that has produced results for 1000/one-thousand years or longer, i will take the next step in research. Thus, as a direct instance, humanity has been taking plant based dietary supplements as just that, supplements for health, for over 11,000 (eleven thousand) years in the records of a number of civilizations left around the planet from ancient Vedic texts to pre-Inca detailed bio-ramas (scenes of life cut into stone). So, it makes sense to pursue the idea of supplements as they have a history of effective use by the species.

Now, forward to these day's problems of pollution of all forms run amok JUST as the gov'ts go batshit crazy with chemtrails. And the beyond reasonable understanding actions of the mega corporations introducing planet destroying technologies such as GMO's put further pressures on your body, as well as the food-body of the planet upon which you depend for a healthy future. Given this brief sketch of the myriad of problems that your body faces during these last few years of the Kali yuga (until 2025 i hear), it makes sense to take the time to examine the concepts to be found in the biohacking community. And no, i do not refer to putting gadgets under the skin or other surgical alterations as biohacking. Those are the crudest forms of trans-humanism, and represent a very bad road with a very tragic ending.

Biohacking is the idea of deliberately taking control of your body's inputs, in all forms, and controlling them with the intent of optimizing personal performance at some level that is meaningful for you.

For some, biohacking is a means to the goal of longer life, or longer, pain free life, or longer/better mental/sexual/athletic performance. For others biohacking is the goal itself, which is to say they value optimum performance of their body-machine for its own sake, that is to say, for its potential for increased experience in the life-plane.

Without regard to the personal direction one takes with biohacking, these days, the environment is dictating that at least some part of the process be used to deal with the accumulation of toxins via exposure. These toxins are/can be radioactive emissions as well as particulates. Or any of the stew of light and heavy metals that are aerosolized for the chemtrails phenomenon, whatever its purpose may truly be.

So, when working my biohacking, i think looooong term about the newly discovered. Such as systemic enzymes....necessary, vital, and your body stops producing them just around age 30/thirty. What do we find about such as enzymes when examining our ayurvedic or traditional Chinese medicine texts? Well, damn, just that nearly every concoction for health of either of these two long lived health systems make contains some enzymatic component.

So, eyup, i guess i will take the next step with enzymes, especially those shown to reduce inflammation, and to reduce mucous through out the body. Both radioactivity and chemtrails as environmental hazards appear to increase general body inflammation, and mucous at every possible place.

And then there are other areas of biohacking of an immediate focus to consider such as the longer term mental (brain) consequences of a radioactively hotter environment. As well as effective means of flushing chemtrail contaminants (the 'soft metals') which have been associated with Alzheimer's and other dementia increases.

Then there is whatever the bastards think of next. You see, an intelligent, aware human realizes that the environment is no longer 'neutral' in that it is being actively manipulated to be detrimental to the health of all humans and other life on earth. And that means you, too.

A lot of really ugly, nasty, stooge people are biohacking the whole damn planet just to get to YOUR body. Maybe you should get there first, eh?