aiki style - how to debate reptiles and minions, and win...

by clif high, Saturday, October 26, 2013 8:45am

with respect...

There is this shouting fellow out-and-about on the planet whose presence is about 10,000 times that of his physical body. His name is Alex Jones. He is correct about some things in his shouting. One of his correct statements is that we are engaged in 'information wars'.

We, the humans versus the interdimensional reptilians and their minions, are currently winning the 'info-wars'. Even the enemy is now openly acknowledging their loss in this area.

The next stage is revolution.

All revolutions in the past (that we are able to ascertain***) have been the product of TPTB through their minions. The really major revolutions of the period 1755 through 1926 were designed by TPTB and their minions to coincide with natural 'waves of change energy' coming from our environment (go ask a good forensic astrologer about this period) and to divert them to the ends desired by TPTB. Sorry to say that this also includes the American and French revolutions. These were constructed, planned and executed by TPTB.

This current revoltionary period is quite different; both in the aspects that are propelling humanity (these are from far space, not local planetary influences), and the inability of TPTB and their minions to 'catch the wave' in order to divert it to their ends.

Unlike the controlled revolutions of TPTB in our collective past, this revolution is organic, and, as a result, is exhibiting distinctly different form and process.

In past, controlled and planned, revolutions, a small group of like-minded, idological zealots push, shoved, and agit-prop'ed a sufficient portion of the sheeple herd into violent actions that were then steered by the minion/dogs of the TPTB toward their desired end.

This new revolution is begun not from any small centralized group of common minded zealots, but springs in great diversity from within humanity. This new revolution is a self organizing collective that is NOT intent on violence, but rather true change. The former produces a new political regime that may last a few decades, that is all; true change will bring humanity as a species forward to a new appreciation of our collective destiny that will propel us for an epoch.

This revolution will be messy, dischordant, chaotic, complicated, complex, divergent, engaging, compelling, transforming, and, hopefully, fun.

It need not be violent.

In fact, the revolution now cannot be stopped. We humans have reached a point in time and collective awakened mass that the 'end result' is now under the control of its own momentum. The information war has been won. As has the revolution that follows (underway currently), all that remains is the doing of it.

This revolution is not about killing the enemy, but rather about growing friendships and other cooperative relationships. Note the metaphor that TPTB have placed into reality with the 'like' process built into 'social networking sites' was a training tool for them that went bad.

TPTB knew as far back as their war of aggression against the peoples of Viet Nam (built on lies sold to the gullible USA populace) that the 'key' element in all future battles/wars would be 'hearts and minds'.

And TPTB lost in Viet Nam (not that they cared****). Awful hard to convince someone to soften their heart toward your position when you blew their skin off with napalm.

It's all a matter of correct 'hamni' or 'stance'.

TPTB have come a loooong way through history and are stuck still using their same old 'tools' of lies, corruption, and murder. These just don't sell that well anymore. Their stance is all wrong for awakening humans.

So now we are 'engaged' as awakened humans in a revolution against the entrenched interdimensional reptilians and their minion-slaves. We note that the minion-slaves, for the most part, are victims, so as good martial artists, we will reserve a bit of our energy for assisting the minions back to health as humans -after we have defeated their bastard-masters by breaking the mind control.

Then, note also that TPTB would have you believe...indeed, they went to tons of trouble, and spent millions of dollars for decades to try to persuade you...that humans are capable of 'multi-tasking' in our thinking and actions.

While this is true, it does not do the human any good at all. We in aikido, and other martial arts, especially the 'internal', or 'soft' arts, recognize that this is a lie intended to diffuse the energy of humans. That, in point of fact, the most unresistable power on this planet is a single human focusing all their energy on the accomplishment of a single goal. In my dojo we call this 'big ki forward'. Or as O'sensi says....'keep one point'.

The Powers That Be, and their minion-slave-victims only have one weapon, mental distraction ...with a hope (for them) of being able to use the confusion to their advantage. You will note this is THE approach on all their teevee/media debates. They ONLY rely on distraction as a tactic. They have no other. Their position is inherently weak, they know this, and never try to defend themselves, only to attack you for attacking their position. (re-read and note the subtle distinction). They deliberately try to goad you into adopting their tactics; that is, they want you to attack them personally.

You can easily defeat any amount of these distraction tactics by keeping in mind a single, salient point: your 'opponent' is just as much a victim of TPTB as you used to be. Therefore approach your debate with these future fellow travelers with compassion for them personally, and you cannot be drawn into any diversion by their attacks.

This mental attitude of compassion, as in -"i must defeat this poor bastard so that i can free his mind from this evil control and awaken him as my friend" means that you cannot be drawn emotionally into anger against them personally by these attacks and distractions which in turn means that your mind will be clear to reach its goal....change.


Right here. Right now. With this individual. Change the debate. Change a mind. If not this mind, maybe one listening.

This revolution is about one thing: change. This revolution begins in one place: each individual human. This revolution can neither be controlled, nor stopped. This revolution is about life, not death. This revolution is an aiki revolution focused on rescuing our opponents, not killing them.

As we free each and every human mind, we expose TPTB and the interdimensional reptilian forces that control them by that much and more. As we turn each of their minions to awakened reality and our individual and collective human power, we weaken TPTB by that much and more. Two awakened minds are more powerful than the numeral implies. This is a combinoric, synergestic, asymmetric revolution in which one mind with a good, clear thought is worth twenty thousand regiments of soldiers.

One mind, with a good, clear thought, well and directly spoken shifts our whole planet under our feet. i can feel it.

Whose mind and thought and words will next move our earth?


Big ki forward.

Revolution is here.




***Our past has been corrupted and redacted and controlled for so long that it will be necessary for humanity to devote some number of years to digging up the truth. And it means that any references to our past history as 'solid' are wrong...we can only really guess as of this date.

****TPTB want the war, not the outcome. They need humans to kill each other so that we do not stop and think about the state of our planet and what TPTB are doing to us all.