Potential, Probability, and Outcome

In forecasting events at any level from long term trends analysis to the extreme short term forecasting such as gambling, there are three distinct states involved. These are potential, probability, and outcome.

As with all other aspects of forecasting, if you alter the environment to affect one of the three, you can instantly constrain the others. As an example, if one stands before an empty pool table with a pool ball held in your hand there is, at the time of the holding in the hand, neither potential, nor probability that the pool ball will end up in any of the holes on the table. But the moment, actually fractional part of a moment that your will changes your mind and there is active intent, then instantly potential manifests, as does probability. At the point that you have intent, you have created potential, probability, and outcome, even though the latter two are still dithering about in a state of indeterministic dancing until the potential becomes manifest probability by your release of the pool ball from your hand. Note that there are all kinds of probability that exist at that point, and indeed for the deep thinker probability, and even outcome are predetermined, but without going that far down, we need to remember that it is even within probability, once the ball is released, that it would not reach the table, let alone fall into any particular hole.

Of course, things can be done to alter potential, and thus probability, towards reducing certain outcomes. Sometimes this is cheating, such as in pool when the table itself may be tilted a certain way in a slight degree to favor one side or end over the other. In this way, the potential for the ball to 'naturally' roll into the affected areas is controlled, and so, practically, is the probability, and thus even the outcome is constrained. This, by the way, is exactly how the small number of nasty bastard reds and blues control the rest of humanity, by tilting the environment over time. By cheating.

So this is the point at which we find ourselves, stuck between our as yet not manifest will and the doom included in the spread of outcomes. We know that several of potentials at this time include warfare in many forms all leading to the probable outcome of mega deaths on a scale never before achieved (since we humans get better at sheeit over time, war included). It is, as of this writing in the last days of December 2011, still within both potential, and probability. How much of a probability would bring it down to numbers which is speculation that needlessly invokes monkey mind.

To my thinking, a far better way to perceive this moment, is that the entrenched powers, thinking themselves elites, are working to tilt the table to cheat most of humanity of their lives. The entrenched elite are desperately working to create environmental conditions that will spark the next, and last (for our species) global war.

Our data shows a distinct transition point from March 2 through 9 inclusive. Thereafter we shift into release language. Permanently, or as close to that state as may be forecast from this point in time. It makes sense to consider, from the perspective of this moment in the waning days of December 2011, just which things in our environment we can change at this moment, to help tilt the table back away from the death spiral for our species.

The real reason to bring up the whole 'time stream' concept of potential, probability, and outcome, is that most will overlook the idea that, even within the example cited, we are not constrained, here in the matterium, in how we alter outcome. The bad guys 'cheat' by trickery, and illusion, and hidden table rigging.

We, the regular humans seeking our paths in life, can do so, that is 'cheat against war' by creating novel forms of potential. We can start ahead of the chain in that sense by circulating new ways of thinking that in turn will create new potential that in turn creates new probability ahead of the war to kill almost all humans that the entrenched powers are so desperately trying to drive into our immediate future. In ways we could not ourselves envision, though we can certainly see the 'potential' in so doing, each time we create a new potential, multiple new probabilities are also created. These then lead to yet new outcomes....some of which will not involve the last humans alive stumbling out their final minutes in confusion on the corpses of their families.

Reducing the great taoist master Lu to 'now speak'.....”if you add value to universe, universe will reward it by creating more potential in your life to add yet more value. In this way, terrestrial beings may manifest personal power”.

In the study of power, there are none so astute nor succinct as martial artists who have frequently observed, “be in harmony with universe, and though you may be killed, you cannot be defeated.”


To those who 'read signs and portents', the time is now. There is no more time after March to alter your future as it will be upon you. If you are going to do anything, now is all you have.


Your destiny arrives in March. How shall you greet it? By hiding in fear holes, or by manifesting new potential, probability and outcome?

The choice is, always, yours.




copyright 2011 from a report to be issued early in 2012 from only long term data

December 26, 2011 by clif high