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by clif high, Friday, November 22, 2013 6:32am

with respect...

So, years ago (in the 1980s), humanity 'invented' digital signal processing as a replacement for the analog telephone system which was rapidly collapsing under the population growth, and had been determined to be a severe limitation on 'business' by corp-gov.

This digital telephone system took a few decades to roll out completely (across the USA/EU), but in the developing world, digital leap-frogged over antiquated, mostly non-existant, national analog line telephone systems.

Also during this relatively very short period of time, the personal computing revolution transformed the planet, and in the process, merged with the digital telephone system to form the internet that we have today.

In the early 1990s, as the internet was firming up, humans re-invented their analog world digital. They re-conceputalized (invented), mail as email....and it led to further successes with yet another new form of telephony, voice-over-ip (VOIP)...which we know as 'skype' style services now.

As with ALL the innovations running on the internet, these reinventions were cheaper, faster, and peer-to-peer, eliminating the middle men and reducing costs as 'natural' function of the growth of system through human society....and speaking of society, we humans also 'digitized' our 'socializing' with such as 'facebook' and friends.

We have also digitally reframed shopping, auctions, marketing, healthcare, news dissemination, back-yard chatting, and all manner of other business.

Yes? Grasped the point? This is a trend, guys. A serious, sustained now over 40 years, trend...

so why are people surprised that we reinvented money?

Bitcoin is a natural outgrowth of this trend.

Bitcoin (and other crypto-currencies) eliminate the middle-men (corrupt, gouging banksters), is faster, requires no trust among parties, is easily portable which defeats the capital controls attempted to be imposed by dip-shit politicians, and is the future of digital money.

One thing we had not reframed in a digital fashion had been 'banking'. This is due to the resistance of the banking oligarchs to change of their luxurious, exploitive life styles.

Yes banks do use digital tools somewhat, but the whole banking 'industry' is still an old model mafia style, closed, extortion enforced system that, like the old analog telephone system, is extremely constraining against global population growth (and demand for services). Right at this moment, the old bankster system is limiting human potential across the planet.

Right at this moment, that has changed. Universe provided a number of options, and humans are choosing Bitcoin as their top tier, digital money of the future.

First the entrenched, embattled TOP (tired old powers/poops) ignored Bitcoin. Then they had their stooges (Maria 'money-honey' Bartitits...and her ilk) ridicule it. Now that they have decided to fight it, Bitcoin has won.

It is too late for the Federal Reserve Bankster cabal (crime org). They have lost. Bitcoin emerges JUST as the BRICS nations are breaking the planet free from the hege-money of the US (death enforced! accept it or die by bombs!) dollar.

Again, universe provides as we require. Just as the planet is heading into an ice age while in an expansion mode (these two very likely always coincide), we develop Bitcoin, as a person to person, digital money. Note that this will be EXTREMELY important in the future as populations will be shifted by climate changes (starting seriously in 2014) and need their personal financial infrastructure to go with them. And also note that banks (run by banksters) will not be 'mobile' enough to fulfill this 'new'** requirement of money.

This is to say that when the ice age closes in on your area through violent storms that threaten to blow your town down, or tons of snow per day falling in your region, and you make the decision to 'bug out'....you want as much of your assets with you in your personal possession as is possible. Not only will you need the resources that your cash can provide while a 'climate refugee', but given what we know about the continuing expansion of planet terra (earth), and the emerging ice age, you may NOT be able to return to your former home area any time soon, as recent disasters KEEP teaching us.

Thus, email based, or internet based, or pass phrase based, or memory stick based, digital wallets are the future of 'financial security' in a very insecure world.

This is but one of the many features of our reinvention of money....and as with all the other aspects of this trend, the attributes of shedding third party costs/interference, going peer-to-peer, reducing costs, increasing redundancy, speeding processing, increasing security, and enhancing flexibility are manifesting.

Right at this moment, digital has been very very good for humans, and shows every sign of continuing that trend.

Right at this moment, humanity is shifting over from analog money and gangster banking to a peer-to-peer, digital currency.

Right at this moment, the planet beneath your feet is expanding. This will continue the rest of your life and beyond (probably).

Right at this moment, the world you live in is changing.

Right at this moment, the early adopters are 'getting in', or transferring their wealth into something other than bankster-dollars, and Bitcoin is frequently the choice made.

Right at this moment, the power structure of the old planet earth is losing its balance and falling, just as the planet itself is expanding.

There is not going to be a 'new world order', there is simply going to be a new world.

Welcome to the 21st century.

Got Bitcoin?




**actually a very old requirement of 'money' was portability, and likely why we first accepted nuggets of yellow metal instead of potatoes or turnips, and later invented paper money as it was a lot easier to lug around than all that metal.