Elenin Pwned?

with respect, let us begin...

IF, and that is a huge qualifier these days... so IF the video of the pulse from Jupiter kicking the shit out of comet elenin is genuine, then there are going to be some severe repercussions for what we regular humans can call the 'ritually obsessed entrenched elite'.

There is some justification for the whole scenario of the "pulse versus comet". This is the month (August here on Terra, who knows what the Jovians call it) of the electric return current sheet in which electrical energy returns to the sun just (in a broad sense) as electric currents (alternating) in our civilization share a common return. In the case the of our solar system the electricity builds up during the year in the high energy particle stream from the sun that strikes the planets, and imparts vast gigacycles of electricity. The electricity attempts to ground to earth (causing hurricanes and cyclones), but what the planet cannot accept, must go back. The electrical charge builds up all year long until in August, when the planets return the 'negative electrical balance' to the sun. This, in the case of earth, is a tubular or filament connection to the sun (spinning alternating to the cyclones/hurricanes), however in the case of the so called 'gas giants', the return comes in the form of pulses (as seen in the video clip). Also note how the sun is reacting at the same time as each burst from Jupiter.

link to youtube video

Just (seemingly) too damn bad for comet elenin to have bad timing and ending up in the middle of the Jupiter electrical current return pulse. Oh well, some times you ride the wave, and other times it rides you...the will of universe (matterium) as the daoists would have it.

Soo....how are the entrenched powers and their ritually demented minions going to react?

Tres interesting, this life thing we all have going....

Pies up. September is going to kick all our butts.



(F)august 31, 2011