'ok, who's got their foot in the door'...


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definitive ufos


going to be an interesting Summer (northern hemisphere) for the whole planet. Not only the FUkushima on-going intensive study in radiation technology failures, but also, someone has their foot in the door as we will all be seeing later in a new, more hyperdimensional, version of a mid summer night's dream in the skies over your head. Of course this is after the global economy goes blooey (21 days and counting down), and [officialdom] goes batshit as the populace starts waking up and smelling the collective stink.

Got normalcy? Got sanity?

Abandon both as they will no longer serve you. The time for such mental abstractions has past, now is the time to study reality as it is, not as group think projects.



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posted June 10, 2012