the gift of shit...


Into everyone's life, shit happens. When the shit happens in your life, be aware that this is universe providing you the necessary precondition for transformation.

By rejecting the process of transformation which is triggered by the shit reaching too damn high, you are sticking your chin out as far as you can, and inviting Fate to bitch slap the shit right out of you.

You see, the shit must go. That is how universe works. It piles shit up to the rafters as a method of forcing us lazy pie eaters to get out of our kitchens and deal with the transformation, that we know, deep in our gut, is required.

Universe does not provide us with what we want. It gives us what we need.

It provides us our needs at many levels, both collective and personal. Recently we have all (likely) participated in this process. Some, like me, more active than others, but we have all participated in providing David Wilcock, Ben Fullford, and maybe Drake, the preconditions necessary for transformation.....i.e. we have given them shit. As i say, some of us more than others. But therein lies the 'gift of shit', unknowingly, acting from our own motivation, we contribute to the potential for growth in ourselves and others, by reacting in a courageous way (criticizing the behavior of others, correctly, with honor and respect takes courage).

Universe rewards courage. It removes obstacles, smooths the path, and brings additional opportunities, once courage is demonstrated. By embracing Destiny, one can avoid Fate. The difference is the intent to recognize, and harmonize with the 'gift of shit' from universe. The ability to harmonize grows over time and is not a prerequisite to universal process. It is the decision, apparently, to take all that comes from universe as grist for our personal mill of transformation, that changes the experience from fate to destiny. Thereafter it is keeping to that decision that is necessary. No small task. Beyond that, the ability to listen to universe, and effectively harmonize, are skills that grow over time with failure (success rarely teaches anything).

This is true both personally and collectively.

Universe rewards courage, both personally and collectively. Paradoxically, in order for the populace to have courage collectively, the individual must have it, and be prepared to demonstrate it. Once demonstrated by one individual, courage runs through a populace like flame through brush. This is what scares the QE (quivering elites). This is why they work so hard to manage the flow of shit to coincide with their schedule of things....as they are aware that even shit will ignite if you pile it deep enough.

The shit has been piled this deep on this planet before. The evidence shows that those ancient peoples denied their Destiny and were consumed by Fate.

It is our turn now. Within days of this posting, the global social glue will stretch so far as to expose the 'strings attached'. This shit is piled head deep, and we are drowning in it; a perfect precondition for transformation, both collectively and personally. If you were not feeling the push for transformation at a personal level, you would not be reading this missive now.

Just the way that universe works. To those whom it really likes, it gives the gift of awareness. Of course, as with all gifts of universe, duality is expressed, as the gift of awareness comes through the stink of the gift of shit.



copyright by clif high, all rights reserved.

posted June 25, 2012