... Some thinking about the Mandela Effect

It, the Mandela Effect, is real. Even if it is not what we think it may be.

So, at the level of a phenomenon manifesting in our universe now, the Mandela Effect is real.

Of course, the problem arises when we ask, 'what is it?'.

It could be an instance of collective bad (wrong) memory, that we all happen to be able to discuss as we have the internet which allows it to build to a certain amount of emotional energy thus becoming a 'self feeding meme' as new people discover it.

It could be some form of distortion in our memory, both individually, and collectively, now being discovered and discussed. That is, the memory may be altered by some force external to bodies.

It could be that history, the remnants of duration through time, and the artifacts thereof, have or are actually being altered by some force external to, and independent of our memories.

It could be that the nature of time is actually altered, and the past itself is/has/was changed, thus propagating the effect into its future, our present now, where we pick it up, and discuss it.

However, in all instances, what is key is what is not being discussed as an intrinsic element of the Mandela Effect, in fact, this is its defining characteristic: it does not affect all people.

This is to say, it is somewhat selective in that not all people are experiencing it. If we think about it, this is what is actually required for the Mandela Effect to exist, that is, there have to be some people to say 'What The Fuck?!?'.

Obviously, if we all had the same memory, changed or not, no Mandela Effect. It is only when your memory differs from what is now expressing in the collective memory we call recent history, that the Effect arises. If we all had the 'effect' of thinking we had bad memory, then the Mandela Effect would be classified as a strange, global, humanity affecting, instance of everyone having a wrong memory of a particular instance in the past. Certainly cause to investigate that sort of an effect, just as strange in its own way as our current Mandela Effect.

However, what we have is a case of contention around both the memories and the effect. There are large parts of the population that experience the Mandela Effect, and large parts that do not, and are wondering, "oh-oh, what the hell is going on with Suzy (Bobby, Ralph, Janette...)?". These people do not have either the 'wrong memory' component, nor, and much more critical here, the 'emotional trigger' to the memory that causes the person to feel the Mandela Effect. You see from this discussion so far that the Mandela Effect is more than just something happening to time, it is also clearly something happening to humans, and their consciousness, including their links to their memories.

In thinking about the Mandela Effect from this perspective of assuming it is real, even if only as a collective mass psychosis, points out some interesting thoughts. If is is real as in our thought experiment in so assuming, what are its parameters? What can be used to define the Mandela Effect? Even if only as a mass social, internet sustained, mental aberration? Are there things that can be learned from examining the details of the Mandela Effect?

Well, to the last, i would say yes. There are interesting conclusions that can be drawn from examining the Mandela Effect as a phenomenon. One notes in such an examination, that the Mandela Effect is mostly reported in the english language, mostly in North American variants, excepting there is a large, and growing amount being reported in Mexican variants of Spanish. Further, this leads to an examination of the reports of the appearance of the M. Effect itself, which yields an instant observation that most of the reports of the effect appear to be coming from North America, and that those not coming from N. America, are still within the larger boundaries of the 'english speaking world'.

So, interesting. Then we can plot the where of the reports of the effect. Please note that this is plotting where the people are who are reporting the effects, not the places they are reporting about within their description of their encounter with the Mandela Effect. We also find that these reports are both North American, and english dominant locales. Then, narrowing down the reports, we find that the Mandela Effect is NOT evenly spread across North America. Rather there are some geographic centers that can be described as big areas of influence.

As an instance, lots of reports of the Mandela Effect in Hollywood movies. And TV shows that originated out of southern California. But note, no instances of Mandela Effect in Bollywood, or Shanghai, nor Australian movies.

Another 'hot spot' for the effect can be loosely described as the 'bible belt' of the southeast and Gulf Coast states and Mexico. Lots of reports of the 'changes' in their bible as it is seen within these areas. Further, no Mandela Effect in other christian areas, nor reports of problems with their bibles, nor the appearance of the emotional side of the Mandela Effect.

Without going into further details, suffice it so say that the Mandela Effect can be shown to be limited by geography, and from that geography comes the language specific nature of the effect.

Another very interesting aspect of the Mandela Effect is that one is able to plot against the geographic areas where the Mandela Effect has arisen, and indeed is even growing, the placement, and operation of 'Quantum computers', most noteworthy, the D-Wave machines. These are produced in Vancouver, BC, Canada (yes, a hot spot for the Effect), and are currently being installed and operated in southern California, and Texas by NASA. Some other firms such as Google are involved in the use of these devices.

The D-Wave machines are not the only quantum computers operating, and the others in the NE states, and at some select locations also correlate strongly to reports of the Mandela Effect. While not an exhaustive survey by any stretch of the imagination, i am confident that the conclusion that the operations of Q-Bit powered chips is a part of the effect at least at the level of geographic correlation. Thus is worth investigating further.

So i was wrong in thinking that the LHC was a causal factor alone. It may be that the Q-Bit machines are acting as causal agents, or concentrating filters, or any one of many other possibilities. The LHC is certainly screwing around with the consciousness field, but in this instance, the Q-Bit based processors seem to be playing a very large role in the appearance of the Mandela Effect, though please note, they may not be causing it so much as 'enabling' it to appear where it does. Quantum stuff is just not easy to mentally model for most of us, so 'cause and effect' maths have many variants.

In any event, the take away from this thinking, and please examine the idea yourself, is that we may be able to watch the Mandela Effect spread with the introduction of new Q-Bit machines. For instance, if they fire up one in Bollywood, and thereafter their movies start showing the effects, well... that would be a big HMMMM?!?

There are many other thoughts that arise from this thinking about the Mandela Effect and its meaning for humanity as we go forward as the effect itself is very definitely real.

And growing....


clif high

January 21, 2017

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