definition for you to consider:

from the maritime view....hint, laws of the seas being really a hot topic at this year's secret Bilderbergers meeting....

A period of time during which a person, or material suspected of carrying a contagious disease is detained at a port of entry under enforced isolation to prevent disease from entering a country.

also we need to note that this is really a word going all the way back through hebrew to what we call 'sumerian'...and even deeper than that.

In its more recent latin derivation, the word is a 'latinization' of a glyph that meant '40/forty days'. As we note from the 'quar' root.....this is still the intent of the transliterators that provided us with our upcoming, mind grabbing, new-word-of-the-day from msm and the people who have their long arms up the butts of your favorite 'news anchors'.

So get ready for it, here it comes to a location near you...."quarantine".

No, Sally, do not worry, this will NOT apply to your favorite celebrities as they scurry for their holes...it is only for the 'great unwashed'. So your teevee is safe for now....

Oh, also one could consider this word to also mean, 'isolate, divide, conquer'. Hmmmm....



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pi, the only edible irrational number.

posted June 1, 2012