Вы отказываетесь?.....

You refuse?.....

Yes, i refuse. It is my right as fractional part owner of this planet to refuse. To determine just how much right you or anyone else may have, take the total sum of all resources of earth and divide by all life and you will have found your share, however please note that this is also your level of planetary responsibility. In case you missed that part of the Matterium Manual (soon to be released), your planetary resource share is also the total amount of debt that universe places on you for life. That is to say, you are charged with using that share of the planet's resources (including life force) to return more than you used. If you do so, if you add more value to universe than you receive, then you have achieved the goal of life here in matterium. And universe will provide prizes...likely celebratory pie as well.

Simple to state, but a real challenge to achieve. Made even more of a challenge by all the humans running around pretending to be talking assholes who are direct impediments to right thinking, and right action here on earth.

In point of fact, refusal is the ultimate right, the ultimate weapon for any planet earth shareholder. Especially those of us who bother to think occasionally. The best, final, and yet, first, and scariest weapon that any shareholder has is their will, and the intent to use it.

Particularly when they intend to use it to refuse.

To refuse to participate in bullshit of any kind.

To refuse to acquiesce to wrong is honorable, it is right action. Universe rewards right action. We easily recognize what is right as well as seeing that to do the right thing is the most difficult course to follow....at least in the beginning. After a while you get used to it, or universe hardens you in just the right way, or both, and it is not quite so onerous any more. Then it will become a habit. If only a small number of humans had the habit of right action, the universe would tremble in anticipation of our accomplishments.

The future habit starts with the first refusal. The first time you put your self, your ego, and potentially your body at risk, and refuse. That is all it takes.

The greatest warriors on the planet, those men who directed the birth of nations, and whose tactics stood the test of time, knew that not all of humans are born to fight, but all humans have will...which can be focused into intent. Then all you need ask of them is that they take only one step, to refuse. And thus modern India was wrested, firmly, inevitably, from the scaly grip of that notorious criminal gang, the 'british crown'. By mass refusal to accept a british crown as anything more than some uppity islanders thinking mighty highly of themselves and attempting to impose that view on everyone else.

Refusal need only extend to NOT giving money or energy to 'governments' whose primary goal is your enslavement.

Refusal can start by NOT feeding the pedophile child-murder machine that is organized catholic (anglican/baptist/morman) religion. All organized religion has histories of horrific crimes against humanity. All religions BY DEFINITION of the word 'religion' are intended to 'bind man to delusion'. Refusal to accept their filter on your experience of the world will bring down the edifice of evil that the priests and popes have so lovingly (yes they love evil...or do you think child rape, and ritual killing is not evil?) crafted (and yes, they are part of the 'craft').

Refusal can start by NOT accepting ANY mainstream media report as factual in any way. Refusal to accept their mind control begins the process of breaking its grip on you. Then it is merely a matter of learning what really happen in history instead of all the lies they tried to shove down your throat in school.

Also, please note, as so many great minds from Mark Twain to Jesse Ventura to Michael Tsarion have, there is a huge difference between schooling, and education. NOTE that the government has to provide you with schooling (as does the infamous catholic church at all their institutions of hell-for-children), but they are NOT obligated to educate you. That is your responsibility and the sooner you set about educating your schooled-to-within-an-inch-of-its-life mind, the better you will be able to manage your share of the planet. Too lazy, uneducated to read? Well, there is always YouTube and other video services. And let us not forget the tons of great radio out there....education can come in many forms. Choose yours. No one else is going to do it for you.

As to these 1percent people who are so completely mentally ill that they have a belief system whose core concept is that they are entitled to what i or any other human has created with our share/responsibility of the planet, well....hmmmm....i am here to state they are wrong....and done with all that foolishness now.

All because i refuse to accept their twisted view of reality any longer. It hasn't worked for over 5 decades of my life and that is long enough to tolerate any failed experiment, let alone assholes thinking themselves in charge of the planet.

i refuse. That is all it takes.

Вы отказываетесь? You refuse?





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