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Simultaneous tides and shockwave riders....

by clif high, Thorsday,August 7, 2014 5:30am

with respect...

i have been pressed upon, pressured, beat up physically, oppressed emotionally, and generally sat up by the self-appointed mullahs of the social order since i was barely tall enough to get my own breakfast.

It was not my fault. Nor that of my parents. They did their best at trying to create yet another good statist. They even had the assistance of the mighty US military as i was an Army Brat. But it did not take.

Even when i tried to cooperate; when i tried to fit in and eat the bullshit coming out of the state's "education" system. Even then i could tell my 'future was at risk' as so many 'authorities' had told me along the way; most also noting that i now had 'a black mark on my permanent record'.

So i am here to say that i did try, repeatedly, but inevitably found myself unable to swallow the bullshit they hoped would 'cure' my mind of this unreasonable attitude that 'authority does not exist', or, as i use to state it so many decades ago, "if you ain't gonna die with me, then you ain't gonna tell me how to live MY life".

i recognize now that i could not have done differently; that my younger years were not the 'failure' i was told, but rather my gradual maturation within the 'wave'.

Now please note, whether you accept it or not, that it helps to think of human beings as 'idea antennae' wherein Universe with a BIG U sends out pulsations of ideas specifically tuned such that only those sharing a sympathetic vibration will 'catch that wave'.

Just how it works.

So, i caught the awakening wave at a very young age, through no willing attribute of my own, at the behest of universe. It made me this way, gave me this 'frequency', and all the shit i got from 'authorities' for being as i am.

As a side note, i will accept criticism for any behavior, but not for being as i am as i know that Universe is in charge of that, and i can no more change my perception of reality than i can grow hair on my old bald head. Trust me on this, i have tried and failed at both.

This essay comes to this point: it is now the ending, waning years of the Kali yuga, and the Anglo-American empire (not american empire if 'presidents' will kowtow to old baggy knickers, the self-claiming queen of the british slaves).

These waning years of the Kali are going to be spectacular. Yes, the old, dying 'authorities' are freaking out about their mortality (organizations die, human consciousness is eternal) and are behaving badly as they die. i have seen this before, and it is ugly at the personal or collective level.

As an aside, those in the wave i have assisted do not die angry, venting and raging, but are smiling and peaceful, and relaxing into their next state of being.

But, back to the wave. Frequently called the 'awakening wave', it is now running like simultaneous tides where the old authoritarian cycle is ebb tide at maximum level while the awakened wave riders are riding a flood tide.

Now, one thing to note about the awakening wave. It started as a very thin lapping at the shore that got a few in the generation ahead of mine to thinking, then it washed over a few in my generation, and now, the main force of the wave is hitting the billions of grains of sand that is humanity. We are ALL going to be stirred by this wave now, whether you vibrate in concert with it, or not, it IS going to affect your life, from now, til the day you discover just how eternal is human consciousness.

Just to give you a heads up, wave-riders, we are about to hit a 'tidal bore'.

Get ready to ride!





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