Note to wikipedia editors:

"illuminati", plural of illuminatus, does not translate as 'enlightened', rather it means as it says,

"illuminatus"= 'to shine a light upon', or to 'illuminate (an object, the illuminatus) by reflected light'.

The aware observer will note the many layers of faux gnosis provided at wikipedia on this subject. Obviously they should have had a 'mason/officialdom' filter put in place on all definitions affecting 'masons/officialdom' as, from the wikipedia entries, the 'illuminati' think well of themselves and are using every linguistic tool possible to make you think the same.

i can assure wikipedia, that never in all their brief history on this planet, has any of the illuminati ever been enlightened.



crude joke....

tavistock, dreaming of eating it's own mind control, woke up one New Dawn, and shat a GuLP for BreakFast.


posted prior to more of the 2012 summer episodes of those trying to shine us on...

June is mere days away...and the glitterati have all kinds of fun and games for the plebian classes (everyone but them) all ramping up to a truly fantastic August, 2012. Wipe off them eyeballs, as they intend, you will believe what they present.

No, that is not what i am saying...that is what your masters are communicating...

"you will believe...."

What i am saying is.....nope, doubt it, dudes.....i have an old, but educated, gallic snout, and your shit stinks from this far out (75 days [+- 3]).

May 29, 2012