my opinion is that fulford is lying...

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i have been repeatedly asked my opinion of the claims being made by Ben Fulford and David Wilcock and this fellow identifying himself as Drake. This is becoming tedious to address in emails.

My opinion is that Drake is full of shit. Further, he does not have the 'contacts', nor position that he claims. In his several radio interviews, the language that he uses brings me to this conclusion.

My opinion is that Ben Fulford is lying. And is he lying not only about the 'mass arrests', but also is clearly fishing in the river of denial about Fukushima. His lies about the financial oppression by the banksters are disinformation that causes emotional turmoil as listeners who do not use discrimination of mind are first taken to the heights of hope, only to crash to deep dispair as reality intrudes on Ben's fantasy.

But he will kill people with his lies about the radiation.

So, i call Benjamin Fulford on his bullshit. The financial shit i do not care about (total fantasy on his part), but if he actually has tested for background radiations in dozens of places in and around Tokyo, then please, provide specifics about the types of counters used, the dates, and the actual readings . Otherwise shut the fuck up about it. You will cause people to die.

Here on the West Coast of North America our daily background radiations are now 20 to 40 times higher than in my first samples in our area in 2003. Unlike fulford, i actually own two nuclear decay meters, and have them calibrated, and know how to use them, and further know what i am measuring. These were obtained through UnitedNuclear.

Fulford, in my opinion, does not possess the mental acuity to be an accurate reporter of the radiation story in Japan. It is my opinion that he did not participate in any sampling for radiation at all, and is lying about it. Part of the denial syndrome. It will break down soon, not only for Ben, but for millions around the planet.

David Wilcock claims to have 'vetted' the 'drake' by his (david's) previous contacts to 'inside' sources.....sooo...since drake is not as claimed, then this makes David's contacts worthless in validating anything, and, now calls into question ANY and ALL claims he has ever made to any 'inside' source or knowledge. Not that i ever gave David much credence, after all, Wilcock is so naive that he believes what Dan Burish (nee Crain) has to say.


i did not, as many on the net have claimed, call ben fulford a 'liar'. What i criticized (re read above), was his behavior, not the man. Likely this will not be understood, but i like the personality that ben fulford presents to the world. Also, in many regards he is braver than i, and for that, i give him proper respect as a human and a man. So no, i did not call ben a liar. Let us be clear on that. My comment on his mental acuity goes to his focus on all things financial to such an extent, in my opinion, that it is an obstacle to clear thinking in other areas.

Also, i respect David Wilcock, for what he is, and the contribution that he makes for us all in his unceasing work. Again, i am not critcizing the man, but the behavior. In this case, David is risking huge amounts of what has now become known as 'social equity'. If, as i suspect, the 'drake' is not what he claims, then David will take a hit to his social equity (credibility/prestige) that will be felt.

But let us also be clear on something, the disaster at Fukushima is manifesting the language of the 'israeli mistake' sub set of our data (israeli ties to this are extensive, from stuxnet onward...). This could well turn out to be a disaster that will yet kill most of the life north of the equator and a good deal of that below. The data set that produced the forecast language for the 'israeli mistake' has had fulfillment from language emerging from this on-going, potentially lethal-to-all-humans-and-other-animal-life, nuclear disaster.

If our data set that forecast the 'israeli mistake' and subsequent 'ill winds' is to be taken as accurate, then the good news is that probably only a billion or so will die as a direct result of the on-going disaster at Fukushima. However, we are frequently wrong in our forecasts (as are all, honest, prognosticators). So, what if Fukushima actually is an extinction level event? We have had data sets indicating that scenario as well. And there are currently LOTS of supporting evidence for nasty nuclear effects all over Japan, and from credible sources. Which makes Ben's claims incredible by default.

In my opinion, as one of the soon to be killed by planetary radiation poisoning, now is the time to stop the bullshit.

If Billy Meier had ever really had contact with any alien, now is the time for him to shout to them as loud as he can, "help us". Personally i think he is a fraud.

If Dr. Andersen can really warp time, even in a small bubble for a limited period, now is the moment for him to get out of whatever hole they have him trapped in and give me a call. It is not hard to find me, and i think i have an idea of how to encapsulate Fukushima in such a way (with a time distortion field....if he can actually generate it) that would, theoretically anyway, cut off the risk from the continuing meltdown. It is certainly worth a few days out of our busy lives to try to correct this situation. Even if we, as individual human inhabitants of terra fail, which is the most probable outcome, we still have the right to try. It is our planet too. That the powers-that-be are incapable, or unwilling to attempt anything, and everything, no matter how screwy, to fix Fukushima, need not stop honorable humans from addressing problems in our planet's environment. Tptb merely think they run things. Now, when all that awaits us is death from nuclear bleed out, tptb are somehow, far less scary.

Again, let us be deadly clear about our situation. If Fukushima goes to the next level of meltdown, the result will be radiation poisoning at levels that will kill people rapidly. Should fukushima go supercritical with the hoard of fuel rods, the resulting volcano of radiation will spew an umbrella of death over the northern hemisphere. It will first kill those who work at high altitudes, such as pilots, and frequent air travelers, ski resort operators, high altitude hikers, and others. Then it will settle down into lower levels of atmosphere, poisoning the planet on its way to the oceans. This level of radiation potential will cause very rapid onset cancers, and 'strange bleeding', and 'abnormal wasting' conditions...all of which will have unexpectedly high death rates.

My bitch, if you read for content above, is that serious, deadly disaster is happening right now. And lying about it is not helpful. It would not be an issue, except that i get so many requests for my opinion about these lies....and think about it, the reason that i am getting those requests in the first place is that people are suspicious of what is being proffered as roses, but smells of manure.

Come on Ben, you are better than this. In spite of the barriers in your mind to the concept, the radiation danger, to you, and all of us on this planet, is very very real. If you have actual evidence that shows normal radiation levels in your area, please produce it as this anomoly needs to be investigated.

David, i don't think you and i agree on the definition of 'vetting'.


posted April 15, 2012 copyright clif high