gosh and golly...


Just had seen a few minutes (out takes) of Her Satanic Majesty's Triple X Olympic Games opener....what a show?

Well. While the 'point' of the show was the retelling of 'history of the world as we see it and want you to believe it', and while this was certainly the most costly component of their huge ritual presentation, the real point is the whole GOSH invocation ritual.

Absolutely full of illuminati/NWO symbolism as the main performance and script is, without doubt the whole 'meaning' encapsulated within the ritual in which the 'nurses' are shown against the ritual (euphamistic) name of 'god' = GOSH, and within this 'parade of the calling (invoking)' are the children who are being offered as 'sacrifice' to the 'god' of the NWO/satanic majesty/illuminati.

Further readings into the symbolism within just this segment suggest that all the fears about bombs in London will likely be unfounded as the plan they are announcing that they have chosen is to use the games to release a 'pandemic' that will put the 'young and healthy' (look into the juxtaposition of the hospital beds as trampolines (energetic exercise/play/game tools)) into hospitals en masse.

Sooo...likely the plan was put into motion with the 'ringing of the bell'...which will lead to an 'opening of the book (of the dead/soon to be dead)', and that, inevitably? leads to the 'snuffing of the candle'.....hmmmm.

Again. Seems as though they are using the London games as a dispersal point, and that they will likely not have any 'serious' terror, or military problems at the games, as they need everyone to make it home safely. After all, can't have a pandemic without carriers....and if you are targeting 'young and healthy', who better epitomizes that image than olympic athletes?


July 28,2012

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