Funeral for a Zombie...

salish raven

Yo, Grunch just ahead!

Employing the word as his hero, Buckminster Fuller, Raven is busily warning, "Yo, Grunch just ahead!!!".

In this next 'tranche' (french word appropriated by banksters that means 'slice' which is what they are doing to all of us), the Giants of Our Age, which includes what i have labeled as Civilization 1/One (which makes us regular terrestrial humans civilization 0/zero), will be out for the Big Score with this next mega theft of resources (in the form of currency) from the global financial system.

In the mind control theater that was 911, the theft of 2.3 trillion dollars was covered up. In the 'financial crisis' of October 2008, there was over 6 trillion dollars sucked out of the planetary wealth. It is my expectation, that the next big score is targeting nearly 16 trillion of the new dollars that Ben (enemy of humanity) Bernanke has just created out of nothing. While it is factual that Bogus Ben Bernanke's bucks have absolutely NO value and are ephemeral at best, he has yet instantly obligated all of the USofA inhabitants to back his illusionary currency with their very real suffering and slavery.

This next Looting Frenzy will erupt within these upcoming few weeks, will last mere hours, but is intended by the giants (= entrenched powers = minions of the banksters) to affect us all for generations. Oh, and they are actively working to kill off most of us (What? You thought Fukashima earthquake,tsunami, and nuke disaster were 'natural'?), and to enslave those of your children that they 'allow' to survive.

These are not regular humans. These are psychopath beings who are so mentally ill as to be a danger to us all. The thinking individual need only examine their edifices, the corporations, and the resulting impact on our homeworld to know these perverted, twisted beings at their core (note, no heart, just a hole).

These are not regular humans. These are psychopath beings who are a danger to us all.

These are not regular humans. These are psychopath beings who are going to crash the planetary (mostly USofA/UK/EU centered) financial system over these next few weeks. Our data suggests that the most likely target date will be October 17th (a Monday), after very shocking developments emerge on October 15th.

The reasons, and goals of the psychopath masters of the banksters and political/military minion classes are not of concern at this moment in the process. We leave such examinations for the show trials of the survivors of the psychopath class later this decade. What is our concern is the immediacy of this pending event.

Wrap your head around the idea: the planetary financial system is collapsing now. The collapse was initiated a long time ago, and cannot be averted by anything that may be done at this point in the process of it falling over dead.

It is also important to note that the collapse of the financial/banking system MUST happen and further is a GOOD thing for most humans albeit on the other side of the suffering that is attendant to the process of this global death. We MUST grieve, but we must also BURY this stinking corpse as it is rotting of corruption!

So, let it die. We will rebuild. Note this. WE will rebuild....not they, the banksters, but we, the humans of earth.

But first, we have a funeral to attend. They, the banksters, and minions, have killed off the banking system. We note that already (October 8, 2011) the rumors of THE derivative swap cotango contagion are eroding 'confidence' in these 'trickster notes' globally. By the 15th of the month when our forecast shows a very sharp and sudden switch to release language that lasts but short days, the poison in the veins of the system should be clear to all. That is when we will all, like it or not, protest or not, be participating in the FUNERAL of the Zombie (planetary) Central Banking system.

The data suggests that as the derivative implosion initiated by the psychopaths erupts from compression to smouldering to flames over October, the 'giants' will be faced by a new competitor as Civilization One will make its move. Their goal is much as the banksters in that they want as much of the 'hard asset' currencies, or other leverage, as may be obtained. In much the same fashion that the Vikings preyed upon the those of more southern Europe, spurred to action by radical climate change, those humans involved in Civilization 1/One (the underground pan global alliance of military industrial complexes centered around reverse engineered space alien technology), are forced by circumstances to prey on terrestrial humanity. Note that the banksters, even those aware that they are serving Civilization 1/one, will be very very surprised by the upcoming series of events involved in this Grunch as they, also, will be victims.

And these days are when the data says reality gets really interesting. It is with tip of the cap to Calleman that we note how close the Grunch, and the subsequent Revealing, and the Unleashing/Unbinding/Free'ing are to his calculations of the Mayan (meso american) Long Count results. As the derivative implosion proceeds, the banksters, and their minion slaves, are going to be attempting to steal every possible 'dollar' of value anywhere obtainable. What will be very interesting for those of us not emotionally involved in the process of death of paper debt will be to watch and wait for the howls of emotional dick crushing when the banksters discover their loot gone missing from their hidey holes. By the way, this absence of the 'loot' is showing in our data as creating 'fatal circumstances' for many of the bankster class who will not be able to pay back when hunted down and taken prisoner over these next few years as the planet transitions to whatever terrestrial humanity will invent of it next.

Thus Raven cries in warning, Grunch just ahead. Watch your step. These giants aren't house trained....



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By the way if you read this far and have the inclination it may pay you to learn latin as when the vatican sorcerers palace of evil is liberated in the next few years a treasure of latin language based knowledge will be available. Just a thought.