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Escape This Life!

By clif high - 2018 -all rights reserved

Brett Young read the link with some interest. The link had first shown up, sort of, in his peripheral vision as he clicked from one page to the next in his onion browser. It was there, and not, both at the same time. It appeared as a single link, in an alert dialog sort of window, that was not the page he was on or the one he was going to, at least by his selection. “Escape This Life” just appeared, momentarily, between the pages.

The much discussed 'dark web' had turned out to be a real turd. No action at all. Just a bunch of 'whistle-blowers', drugs and weapons, and dangerous porn. He had expected more given everyone's freak-out when he mentioned he was “cruisin' dark”. It had been a trip through intense paranoia, VPNs, wifi at cafes, and learning firewall protocols so thoroughly he dreamed in them, but until now, a real disappointment.

Intrigued, Brett ordered another latte, and sat further back into the corner of the booth while watching the screen intently for the flash of the magically appearing window as he went back and forth in the browser. The “Escape This Life” window had first appeared only when he had gone from the BizarrePoonTang site heading over to the PussyPLaTform site by way of a link. It had flashed at him between pages, grabbing his attention.

Back button pressed nearly instantly, he was disappointed to now not see the window. So he clicked the original link, and once again headed to PussyPLaTform, and to his delight, EscapeThisLife appeared, and disappeared once more. Intrigued to the point of wide-eyed stare, Brett hit the back button, and scooted forward on the seat of the booth, face into laptop, the definition of enraptured nerd.

Back and forth, from page back to page, and starting over, repeatedly, again and again, while waiting for his latte. Brett tried clicking the link, and then just wildly clicking hoping to hit the Escape This Life link before the page disappeared. No success.

Then it dawned on him! DUH! And he rapidly typed 'escapethislife.onion' into the browser, and hesitating, hit enter.

Voila! The browser obligingly popped him direct to the site, and Escape This Life page obediently loaded.

Escape This Life!

The Ultimate Way Out!

For the sum of 1 million dollars in Bitcoin (other payment vehicles available, ask your timetravel booking agent for details), the EscapeThisLife corporation, will bring you forward in time to Utopia On Earth, and will also clone you in your current condition, and time, leaving your clone behind, so that your friends, and family need never know you have left them! Escape all your cares and responsibilities living in Utopia On Earth (a mere 102 years from your current year), while having them all lived through just as you would have, by your clone.

Please contact the EscapeThisLife corporation for further details should you qualify and wish to escape Your life.

“Ok”, Brett said to his laptop and latte, “but how?”. He knew he qualified. He had many more than one million dollars from his last few years as a top tier Presso VR gamer. His last three seasons had netted him over 21 million. It would merely be a matter of figuring out how to convert it to gold, and hide the fact from Morgan Gabrielle, his 'bride from hell', also acquired three seasons ago, during his 'mindfuck' period that followed his first big win during the Presso Pan-Planetary Games. So he had both the money and the motivation. Not grasping the effects of money, alcohol, and drugs at sustained levels, Brett had taken no precautions, waking up one morning wedded to his own personal torturer.

Three years later, Brett found himself spending most of his time locked away exploring the dark web. In spite of the horror tales from his friends and entourage, it was something to do. He was wealthy beyond his capacity to grasp, or spend unless he took the batshit celebrity route, buying houses and islands, or supporting nations. So he spent most of his day tucked away in various cafes, lost in the anonymity of the general nerddom citizenry.

Morgan Gabrielle seemed to neither care, nor notice his absence, as long as he was around in the evenings for their vid chats with 'her audience'. It had not occurred to Brett that he was a 'catch' of such a level to attract a vid personality intent on sucking her way into global vid celebrity status. She worked her enhanced lips, and re-textured tongue on Brett just as he was entering the mindfuck stage from his huge, underdog, win at the Pan-Planetary Games. The next time Brett sobered up, he discovered he was part of a global celebrity power couple in which he had no power.

And, after three years of Morgan's husband engineering, Brett had no life.

He longed for the days of his youth, just those short three years ago. Simplicity, solitude, and freedom, long swept away by Morgan's 'broom of change', 'her audience', and her ever present entourage. She had cleaned him up, and set him on a path straight, and so narrow that Brett felt more regimented in his day than any of the robots tending the automated needs of his mansion, and grounds.

It had truly been hell for Brett until he invented the excuse of needing to train with the new games for the next Pan-Planetary Games. Morgan was supportive of that as she saw it increasing both her global cache, and 'her audience'.

Many different cafes later, Brett was thinking that maybe, just maybe, he had found the way out. But how to contact the EscapeThisLife company? Searching for most of a month had revealed exactly squat for results. Yes, there were a few teasing hints of corporation banking accounts on a few of the blockchains, but nothing leading to any points of contact.

Brett leaned back, looked around, shaking his head, and wiping at his eyes. He had been tunneled into his search for weeks. He felt the grit in his bones signaling, as in his playing days, too rigid a pose held longer than common sense should allow. The familiar sand-feeling in the muscles of his back told him he had been too deep in the quest too long. Quivering on the precipice of abandoning his quest, and returning home to Her, and the never ending Her Demands, Brett closed the laptop with a bang that startled even him.

“NO!” he thought. “I won't quit!” The grit turned to cement and his thin biceps swelled slightly, his face flushing.

“I want to escape my life!” Brett said to no one in particular, and for himself.

“Don't we all sweetie” replied the coffee dispenser in his booth, “do you want another grande latte? A muffin with that perhaps?” it said in its best 'sales voice' that was installed in the overnight firmware update.

That's when he understood the meaning of gobsmacked! Pulling the laptop closer, he fidgeted while the browser loaded. Typing as fast as his fingers would fly, he was back to 'escapethislife.onion'. As soon as the page loaded, Brett knew he had it!

Please contact the EscapeThisLife corporation for further details should you qualify and wish to escape Your life.

Brett flung the URL into the browser, 'escapeYourlife.onion'. Less than a millisecond later, his faced crashed into a blank page. Serious blankness showed on the screen. Examining the raw input for the page, he found nothing in the body, and only belatedly glanced at the header text where he found non displaying text; the words “whose life”.

“I was right!” Brett thought as he replaced “Your” with “My” in the URL, 'escapeMYlife.onion'.

The sudden emergence of a live vid window on the laptop was as sharp as a slap across the face. But the face of the man on the screen saying “Ah, Mr. Brett Young”, and smiling before continuing with “We had been expecting you! So nice to finally see you!”

Then a fleeting look of contrition swept across the face, “Oh! My apologies. Welcome to EscapeMyLife! How may we serve you?” he asked.

An hour, and several false starts later, Brett knew that this was the real deal. He was speaking with Trey Pinerou via, he was told, an 'inter-temporal quasi-link'. Trey as he had instructed Brett to call him, was speaking in 'real time' from 121.44 years in Brett's future.

“ though 'real time' means string when we are separated by over a century.” Trey had said. “The intricacies and technologies of the link are of far less importance than what they allow.” Trey continued, explaining to Brett that he, Trey, was living in what was clearly, from the perspective of all humans NOT there, a flat out, no damn denying it, Utopia.

Trey explained that the Utopia of his time was pan-sysem wide, that there were dozens of planets from which to chose his residency, or simply go traveling as did a sizable portion of the population. The AI wars of the previous century, apparently just about to happen barely 20 years ahead of Brett, were over, with humanity the winner, with life-on-earth proceeding to get manifestingly gorgeous for all humans ever since. No pains, no body problems, universal access to replicators, med-beds, feelies, and drugs designed specifically for your DNA and mind state made the earth of Trey's time a very real paradise.

Humans of Trey's time worked as they chose, and felt the need. Robots and AI doing all the menial tasks, humanity had blossomed. Most of the mental aberrations of previous ages were vanquished with personally tailored diets of adequate micro-nutrients. It was a glorious time in which to live.

Trey was offering that to Brett. Trey's work consisted of being the face man for EscapeMyLife, Inc. He had said there were quite a few like him, scouring the past for talented humans to bring forward.

“So how does this work?” Brett had asked.

“Well, what we do is to ask a million dollar fee. Most of this is put into an account for your use here after your arrival. One hundred thousand is given to my clone, in your time, to pay for the costs of our operation there. The remainder will grow over the intervening years until your arrival, and will produce an income of spectacular size ensuring you, and any future children will have access to all the luxuries that life here can provide.” Trey said.

Brett asked quizzically, “your clone?”

“Yes... my clone. He will be exactly like me, in all respects, except that he will have three multicolored circle tattoos on the right side of the inside of his lower lip here where I do not. All clones are like that. It is a part of the process of making the clone. The markers are grown in place. ” Trey leaned forward, pulling his lip down, and putting more of it in view of the camera. “I, like you, was a recruit. It's the only way this can work. My clone was left behind to take care of business. That's why the money. Your clone will need instruction and monitoring. Don't forget that your clone will fill your shoes precisely, will have access to your property, but also will be taking on your responsibilities, and will need the occasional guidance from my clone. And it costs a lot to send someone through time...all that electricity is expensive your day.”

It all made sense to Brett.

He had decided, it occurred, the instant he had first seen the advert. He wanted to escape his life. The future sounded fantastic as did the supporting vids, which curiously were not able to be copied to his machine, but Trey explained that by the 'quasi-link' allowing communications through time. It seemed it would not do to have evidence of the future able to be passed around in his time. Temporally not allowed.

That did not matter to Brett. In just a few days, he and Trey had constructed a plan. Setting it in motion, Brett had obtained his payment by shifting coins around in a few wallets to provide the specific coin mix required for maximum increased valuation over time, and he was ready.

Primed to meet Trey's clone, Brett made his way to the 'secret location' specified. As promised, there was a hidden door in the deep back wall of a lower level parking structure. The door opened to a smiling Trey, offering a hand to help Brett across the threshold.

As expected, Brett found himself in a very well lighted room with lots of strange electronic gear, and in the middle of the non-occupied space, a medical theater as might be found in a teaching hospital. There were three nurses, and two men who looked authoritarian, presumably the doctor and 'temporal location specialist', as had been described to him. Excited, and trembling slightly, Brett allowed himself to be led over to the table, the hard-wallet taken from his willingly limp hand as he seated himself in the strange chair-bed that was the focus of the electronics and the room.

“You can call my clone, Trey”, the Trey in the future had explained. “He is me, quite happily adjusted to his life of responsibilities in your time. As a matter of fact, he is frequently seen at the meetings, well, more like parties, that the clones have periodically. They call us FutureMe's. Not sure I like that much. But nothing I can do about it now, from here, 120 plus years away.”

“Parties?” Brett had inquired.

“Yes”,Trey responded, “you are not alone. We have brought many people from your period forward to become happy customers of EscapeMyLife, Inc. As part of the service we provide enrichment activities for the clones that are very well attended.” Leaning forward with his large smile, “my clone is happier in my life than I ever was! He says the parties are legend, going for days!”.

Brett had asked Trey's clone, who obligingly pulled back his lower lip, revealing the three multicolored circle tattoos. As had the 'temporal medical staff' in the room. Brett relaxed back into the chair, excited for his new life, and feeling very content with his decision.

After the necessary transfers of the coins to the accounts specified by Trey's clone, Brett was elevated in the chair as a variety of medical looking equipment was brought over his reclining body. Lights were increased, bustling of bodies, humming of electricity as devices were powered up. Shaking his hand, Trey's clone stepped back allowing the doctor to come forward with two small cups. One held a small blue tablet, the other some water.

Quickly swallowing both, Brett sat with some intense concentration waiting for an effect that did not manifest. Then the doctor put a small mask over his nose and mouth, asked Brett to take a deep breath which was the last words that Brett heard before sliding easily into unconsciousness.

Trey's clone moved swiftly bustling the others out of the room. He shut the heavy plated door, and turned on several large devices near the door. Arming a remote control, Trey's clone himself stepped through the door, drew it closed behind him, twisting the large locking mechanism. He put on goggles, as had the others, then they all turned away from the door, as Trey's clone pressed the activate button.

“WHOOOSH” noise filled the room, moving the clothing on the clones, and dropping the temperature noticeably. There was the impression of giant amounts of blindingly white light even through the dark goggles, and it was over.

Trey's clone and the others very rapidly took off the goggles, opened the door, and rushed back into the room.

“We have less than an hour before he wakes,” Trey's clone said, “let's get this clone done.”.

Within minutes, Brett's lower lip was held in clamps attended to by the nurses, and the 'temporal location specialist' was in place with appropriate gear, tattooing three, multicolored circles on Brett's lower lip.

When he woke, Brett was in the chair-bed, but the room was quiet, the attending staff was gone, and he was with Trey's clone alone.

Trey handed Brett a mirror, and indicated he should look at his lower lip. Brett did so, and smiled, in spite of the slight pain that both actions produced.

“So, I am the clone?” Brett asked Trey.

“Yes, welcome to clone-dom”, Trey said, and then assisting the still woozy Brett up, he said, “hope to see you at our next party. I'll be sure to send you the invitation.” Trey walked Brett to the door.

“But wait!” Brett said, “what'll I do now?”

“What ever you wish!” Trey said, smiling, “It's your life now! You can manage it any way you desire. Change anything, change everything, and have fun doing it! As we clones say, they may be your responsibilities, but you are not responsible for them! It was him, that other bastard in the future who created all the problems of the life you now have!” Laughing, Trey guided Brett out the door and into the lower level parking area, and to his vehicle. “But you can deal with them any way YOU choose!”

Lowering him into the driver's seat, and activating the engine, Trey said once again, “It's your life now! Do with it as you will!”

“Wait! How will I contact you?” Brett said as the door swung shut.

“Don't worry...we'll be in touch!” Trey said, smiling, “another party in just a month! Come and tell us all about it!”

The door to the car shut, it slowly backed out, the bemused Brett at the controls, but allowing auto-drive to take him out of the garage. He was rubbing the sore area of his lip as he watched Trey's clone go back behind the hidden door while the car turned around and headed up.

“Hmmm...” Brett thought, considering how to present himself at “his” house, and what to do with “his bitchy wife”. She did have those lips though, and that re-textured tongue....but still, he was the clone of someone famous, so Brett decided to punch in the codes to THAT club he had heard of. JUST the place to pick up some re-textured fans to take home. Morgan will shit cement, Brett thought with some satisfaction. “Too bad Brett had to miss this”, Brett thought, fingering his clone tatoo through his lip. But he could vid the whole scene, and send it to Brett-in-the-future when he next saw Trey's clone. Yes, that would be fine. Brett smiled. It was a whole new life, and, as a clone, it was his to reform! What was it that 'we clones' say, oh, yes, “responsibilities, but not responsible!” Brett was laughing for the first time in years as his car took the left from the garage toward the mid-town club district.

Trey had watched Brett drive off from the view port next to the hidden door. “Another satisfied customer” he said to himself, wincing slightly as the glue for the thin plastic came loose from his inner lip, bringing with it the three multicolored circles. He carefully placed his prop back into its case, and putting that in his pocket next to the wallet, Trey beamed in satisfaction. The moving crew was due in minutes. Soon the room would be completely barren, an unused old storage space surprisingly clean, the equipment having been moved into various storage facilities miles away.

Trey patted his pocket, reassuringly fingering the hard-wallet, and the nearly nine hundred thousand dollars it still contained after he had paid off the medical staff. A small few coins for the moving and storage bots, and he would be quite flush for a few weeks work.

“Where to this time?”, thought the man pretending to be the clone of Trey, a man he was also pretending to be. “Australia? Good beaches, uncomplicated women.” The thought also brought up images of his grandfather with his terribly fake Australian accent. The man pretending to be Trey smiled at the memory. G'Dad would have loved these days. The marks are plentiful, and the Big Barn con had never been as profitable, nor as easy.

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Due diligence for Cryptospace

Due Diligence Clues

These linguistic clues can be used in your due diligence work before investing in any crypto offering.


How to Breathe Free in Chemtrail world...

Chemtrails are just a symptom! Hack your future with our ALTA report!

If you are unaware of why you are suffering so many episodes of breathing difficulty, that is to say you landed on this page by chance, then you need to leave now by this following link and go learn what are chemtrails!

Your time is valuable. We are not going to abuse it with details and background you can get on basic searches. These we will provide as we go along. But first...

Disclaimer and an invitation to sue me....

i have incorporated chemtrails into my thinking since 1996. Some interesting conclusions have come from gnawing on this subject. One very pertinent to our discussion to day: no person will ever be sued such that the subject of chemtrails comes to open court. You see, whomever is in charge has this thing so tightly screwed down, that i, or anyone, can offer all the medical advice they want without being a doctor, even to the point of actually trying to emulate the allopaths, and they will never be sued by officialdom of any form, nor will officialdom allow them to be sued by anyone else! All because it would provide an open court forum for the subject of chemtrails, and even worse and long before the court got involved, there would be DISCOVERY that could be hugely keep on keeping on helping people get beyond the health impacts of chemtrails as you can be sure that the American Medical Monopoly will not bother you.

i am not offering medical advice here, i am offering explorations i have undertaken which have aided my health even in the Chemtrail Age!

All the items referenced have links to my Amazon store so i make a few pennies should you decide to purchase.

Those bastard chemies....

Chemtrails are composed of metals. The evidence on this is quite clear. Chemtrails include light metals including Aluminum which is known to cause brain problems for humans. Further aluminium as micro particulates is causing vast problems for the ecosystems of the planet under the spraying.

You are part of one of those ecosystems.

Here is a partial list of reported chemtrail exposure symptoms:

Headache • Brain fog • Fatigue • Low energy • Compromised immunity • Disorientation • Difficulty paying attention and concentrating • Sinusitis • Skin discomfort/irritation • Joint pain • Muscle pain • Asthmatic (Breathing difficulties) • Dizziness • Insomnia • Memory loss • Eye problems (blurred or fuzzy vision) • Nausea • Liver problems • Gallballder dysfunction • Tinnitus (distant ringing in ears or high pitched sound after spraying) • Neck pain • Scratchy throat • Allergy symptoms • Hay fever out of season • Flu-like symptoms • Susceptibility to colds • General weakness • Anxiety • Lightheaded or faint • Depression • Coughing • Sneezing • Shortness of breath • Vertigo • Anger/Rage/Frustration issues • MORGELLONS disease

No wonder at all that you would have such symptoms, look at what has been verified to be in the chemtrails mixture:

Aluminum Oxide Particles Arsenic Bacilli and Molds Barium Salts Barium Titanates Cadmium Calcium Chromium Desiccated Human Red Blood Cells Ethylene Dibromide Enterobacter Cloacal Enterobacteriaceae Human white Blood Cells-A (restrictor enzyme used in research labs to snip and combine DNA) Lead Mercury Methyl Aluminum Mold Spores Mycoplasma Nano-Aluminum-Coated Fiberglass Nitrogen Trifluoride Known as CHAFF) Nickel Polymer Fibers Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Pseudomonas Florescens Radioactive Cesium Radio Active Thorium Selenium Serratia Marcscens Sharp Titanium Shards Silver Streptomyces Stronthium Sub-Micron Particles(Containing Live Biological Matter) Unidentified Bacteria Uranium Yellow Fungal Mycotoxins

Chances are that you are reading this as you have felt some level of effects from the chemtrail exposure and it has brought a realization to your consciousness that now is the time to do something about it.

Some of the impacts of the chemtrails include breathing problems obviously. Breathing in metals all day cannot be good for the lungs. So we will look at some products that are known to aid the lungs. Chemtrails also affect the brain. The good news is that many of the approaches for the lungs will also aid the brain.


Mushrooms for lung health: Fungi perfecti Breathe formula. This is a good mixture of mushrooms from Fungi Perfecti which is a local company. This mixture promotes the lungs at several different levels, but can be harshly received by some body types so start with a small amount out of one capsule, and then build up. Note it will induce coughing and expelling material from the lungs. Do not over use. So just a few days as required by conditions.

Ashwaganda is a general tonic used extensively for thousands of years in ayurvedic medicine. Good for brain and lungs, as well as aiding sleep and providing energy. Some effects also in removing metals from the colon.

Suma root (extract or powder) used as lung and muscle support. Also provides nerve and blood boosting properties. Another adaptogenic substance like ashwaganda, Suma root is also a good bronchial support with mild dilation properties. It is very very good for expelling material from the lungs. Should NOT be combined with either the black seed oil or the Breathe formula as you will be doubling up on effects creating a harsher response in your system that could be damaging. Suma root combines very well for some body types with Ashwaganda or Ginseng. Note Ginseng is a great tonic, but seems to provide fewer specific benefits over either Suma or Ashwaganda.

Suma is known to produce long lasting effects in both musculature and core systemic functions. These include gall bladder, liver, and intestinal function. Note that unlike Black Seed Oil below, Suma does not cause biome depletion (won't kill off your good gut bacteria). Suma is also an anti-tumor agent, and provides a host of other benefits, many of which will be beneficial to how your body reacts to chemtrails, especially if over 55. However, as with all supplements or any thing at all for that matter, check with reliable sources for contra indications with your medicines already in your system...not only the ones you are taking. As an example, Suma, and many of the other tonics are known to adjust your blood sugar, and blood pressure. So if taking medicines for those, be advised that tonics in general, and suma root in particular may well make those meds work faster or 'better'.

Black Seed Oil *(episodic, not a daily tonic). Black seed oil should be taken as a teaspoon or more of the oil on the top of a cup of hot liquid such as tea. Coffee is ok to use as well, but note you should not have dairy with your black seed oil as it will bind up many of the oils' good qualities in the milk and they will not be absorbed properly. Black teas seem to work best as carriers of black seed oil as they provide a synergistic effect with the caffeine. Black seed oil is best used for controlling episodes of 'chemie asthma'. Black seed oil is a bronchial dilator and will open and release tensions in the lungs. Black seed oil is also anti-tumor and is a general energy boosting substance. Note to take plenty of probiotics as black seed oil can deplete your gut biome. Black seed oil is THE place to start for assistance with many forms of cancer as well.


Please note right now that your brain is composed of an emulsified oil (basically), and the metals in chemtrails affect it at the level of its construction and broadly by inhibiting new brain cell construction due to the 'drying' nature of chemtrails. Again please note that i am obviously treating the exposure to chemtrails here in a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) or Ayurvedic manner. The advice derived from this is to increase your fat intake to compensate for the 'shrinkage' effect of the metals.

The good news, as noted above is that the brain will be helped by the general cleansing of the system and the support of the adaptogens for the lungs.

Also note that brains are tricky to mess about with so we will not. What we will do is to direct you to several amino acids that may be of interest and let it go at that. These are NOT easy to get, nor easy to mess with, as they require lots of very precise measurements. So do not pursue these unless you are already into bio-hacking and know why these three need to be taken together and at what proper ratio.

The following links are to my friend Tim's place called 'Pure Bulk'. It has the best supplements in quality i have ever run across. Check him out, nearly a local boy, being down in OR.

It is also good to know that cheap supplements, especially those to be used on the brain or as a daily tonic are not the way to go. Many cheap supplements are cheap as they offer bad value, having heavy metals or other problems with them.

PureBulk delivers outstanding value for your money. i know the guy only on the internet, and have been buying from him myself for years. Never gotten anything less than top quality. Plus i get good advice from Tim and his crew. i am not paid to say this, merely impressed by people going the extra mile without even being asked. Go elsewhere for this kind of stuff, and in my opinion, you will be getting an inferior product.

Now, note that DMAE bitartrate is the primary brain booster in this mix, but if you are a bio-hacker, and already stacking but not going this route, you need to seriously research for conflicts. Also from an ayurvedic or TCM view point DMAE is a medium level 'bitter', and also provides the benefits of that taste to your system.

DMAE bitartrate



Chelation and cleansing:

Some substances can be used to draw metals out of the human body by various means. These include such things as organic clays of various types, certain forms of mineralized salts, and others. i am of the opinion that the metals within chemtrails will certainly be removed by these more physical methods, but in general the amount of energy put into these would be better served finding a plant based tonic that suited the body. The tonics will be providing the body with assistance at all levels including cleansing, albeit in a more gentle fashion.


Your gut biome is a wonderful ecosystem with millions of members who are working their entire lives in your service. Do not neglect them and they will not neglect your body. Get your gut biome refreshed daily to aid your body in overcoming the effects of exposure to chemtrails.


copyright © 2017 claims for invention and labor on content held herein.