the importance of models...

No. Not those kind of models. Nor those others. Neither beauty, nor miniature are meant, rather, the abstract mental models that allow us to function within the illusion of 3D space.

Models matter.

Your internal model of the 'external' reality in which you swim determine the currents that you will allow yourself to see. Case in point: your clothes dryer machine fails to work; if your model shows you the 'fault' is in the dryer, you will spend all day re-wiring the dryer only to discover that the real 'error' was in your thinking, and that by excluding the fuse in your model, you have a newly wired dryer that still fails to dry. (Been there, done that. Was pretty stupid as a kid.)

Another case in point, it is recently discovered that heroin triggers immune responses within the body that par tic pate in the addiction process, ergo, if your model does not include this information, your ability to kick it, or assist, will be lower, and less successful.

The real point that we all must face is a known, and huge, level of model distortion by the powers that be about this planet we all ride, and the solar system in which it spirals.

If one's model is heliocentric (sun at the center of the planets revolving in its ecliptic plane like peas whirling around the edge of a plate), then it becomes necessary to postulate all manner of 'second suns' or 'planet x' or something acting as the cause of all the observed solar system changes, including those affecting our own planet. It must be so...after all, we have the 'evidence' of disturbed orbits, et al, therefore, so it would seem, there would have to be a something out there to be causing the perturbations that are observed.

However, absent the bias imposed by the heliocentric model, all we really have is a situation of observed orbital irregularities. It is the heliocentric model that forces us to the conclusion that a something is out there...not the evidence.

In fact, with the helical (better video here) model, such orbital irregularities are a natural outgrowth of the dynamics of being planets drug behind a comet-like sun. It is to be expected with the helical model that the size and shape of the 'cone' behind the sun will change based on differences in the interstellar media. Note that in the 1980's the Russian satellites were providing definitive evidence of our solar system entering a region of space that was far more dense, and has since been dubbed 'fluffy' space, though i think this appellation a bit soft considering how hard our planet's ass is being kicked.

As our sun plows into this denser matter, the cone behind it contracted, and there was less space for earth (and all the other planets each in their own region) to orbit. Thus, while neither our rotation, nor our relation to the fixed stars have changed, it is quite clear that our planet has left behind what we have for millennia considered to be 'normal' behavior. So far, all of the various changes (outside of humans/aliens induced stuff like chemtrails), are within the expected range of behavior accommodated by the helical model. This includes climate, weather, expansion of the planet, earthquakes, alterations in light patterns at the poles, increase in solar intensity, and many other recent changes.

Although we have observed new, and unexpected, types of radiations from the sun, the rise in the intensity levels of the other, more regularly analyzed forms of energy were expected. Further, as strange as this sounds, the recent increases in heat across the northern hemisphere are the expected precursor to a very rapid onset ice age.

The Farsight.org, 2012 experiment aside, the climate warming catastrophists wailing also discounted, it has been determined that oscillations from warmer to cooler, then more warm, to more cool, then to awful damn hot, will always precede, way too frozen.

In the heliocentric model, there is no way to explain any of the recent forty plus years of solar system change. If the evidence pointed to a body 'entering' our solar system, or even heading from the outer planets into the inner solar system, then we would have been able to observe this body from any number of points on the planet for at least the last 4/four years. No such observations exist.

That people cite the presence of vast amounts of various governments' money being spent on southern hemisphere based astro-observatories of all types, as well as a considerable fortune in vatican plunder being put to the same purpose as 'proof' of PlanetX, or, more recently, an invisible 'brown dwarf' star. However, what they fail to note is that this effort and expenditure, IF it is actually hunting for a planet X object (which i personally doubt), merely proves that these organizations are operating under the wrong model. In fact, the existence of these many new astro-observatories would tend to support the helical model, since, if there were something to be seen, they would have seen it by now. It is my further contention that such definitive evidence of a planet x object would leak. Probably repeatedly.

No such definitive evidence has ever shown up. And note, it is not that difficult to get definitive evidence IF it existed. IF it were a brown dwarf star, as an instance, it would be bigger than all the planets in the solar system put together, and from about the orbit of Pluto, would have so totally disrupted all our inner planets orbits by its massive gravitational pull that earth would, even now, be drawing AWAY from the sun and into a climate system collapse as our magnetosphere and atmosphere shrunk to incredibly thin levels.

So, it looks to me, that the cone wins....the plate is busted.

The cone also is a very useful model for forecasting future planetary behavior changes including some of the cycles, and periods involved, as well as potentials for on-the-ground alterations of the earth under our feet.

We here at hph, along with some help from a few friends, are working up a report of the 'expectations' that can be extrapolated from the helical model applied to our current situation. More on this as we get closer to a release. It is way complicated, and even complex.

But here is the take-away, if someone says to you "SPQR is gonna happen", and they still think that the earth has EVER orbited around the sun...you may want to question the validity of their model. And therefore, the likelihood of SPQR happening....

But, as we all know, if you have the correct model, you can even sell tiny bits of string......(puns at so many levels).

More later, and watch out for models, they matter.

Dr. Bhat's mathematics present their view of earth/moon barysphere rotation in this video.


August 19, 2012

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