Yet more gnawing yields nails...

to the edge of the solar system and beyond....


Oh-oh, Bhatman.... the Bhat model, or helical movement and shape of the solar system model, has direct implications to both corporeal time travel, as well as 'remote viewing'.

In both cases, it now makes these concepts much more difficult to achieve. The issue is one of physical reality. If one granted the idea of moving a human body through time with the human life and consciousness intact, if only as a starting point for discussion, certain very real problems instantly arise.

Such as 'where the heck are we?', modified with specifically, 'now'. You see, without knowing exactly where we (the solar system, earth and our collective human butts) are, now, we cannot plot where the earth would have been back 'when'. Sooo...we run into a problem that did not best any movie or teevee time traveler as they all blithly stepped into their machineries and popped magically back or forth in time, but always landing on earth.

No so in a reality that supported corporeal time travel. Imagine Doc Jones and Marty's surprise when they go shuuzing back to 1955 only to pop out into empty space! That would happen even in a heliocentric model of universe unless one knows both where we are now, and where we were back when. So the Delorian time machine, or any other such contraption had better be fitted with some form of space travel, as well as being air tight and pressurized, as the mere shift of a body in time does not shift it in space.

Even with the heliocentric model of an earth orbiting a more or less stationary sun, the time traveler would also have to accomodate getting over to earth from where the current orbit would place them...and no, the earth would not be in the exact place that it is today, even in a heliocentric model, due to the presumed/described eliptical nature of the alleged orbit, as well as the fudge factor known as 'orbital drift'. So even if a heliocentric model is imagined, the complications mean that some level of 'earth is not there when i am' is bound to occur for any time traveler, forward or back.

Then, once we get a real handle on the helical motion model outlined by Dr Bhat (and others), some grasp of the problem emerges. As an instance, the difference in space between where earth was in 1955 and where it was on the same day in 1985 is completely incalculable. Yes, we truly have not the ability to calculate this due to a number of factors, not the least of which is a constant, somewhere, against which to ascertain relative movement. Even so, the best estimates would suggest that our sun is dragging us so fast through space, that the 30 years difference in positions would exceed hundreds of trillions of miles.

The difference in perspective can be summed up in the comparison of the heliocentric model in which earth is thought to be moving at 67 thousand miles per hour around a relatively stationary sun, versus the helical model in which the earth is moving at 67 thousand miles an hour within a comet-like envelope being drug along by our sun at billions of miles per hour in a spiraling path through interstellar space.

So the problem then becomes clear as Mississippi mud on a moonless midnight...if you can't tell where you are now, then you can't figure out where you were when, even if you could go be then now you would just pop out into empty space....make sense?

Similar issues affect the remote viewing crowd, specifically any of those 'formal programs' that use metric and methods based on time. That is to say, any of those in which specific coordinates on earth were referenced would be suspect, if the 'art' of remote viewing were to be subject to referential integrity rigors. That is to say, if the art were accurate anywhere, then it would have to reflect a reality in which the earth is not where the viewer thinks it is, and thus different conditions would be observed if the viewer were in fact, actually, viewing the coordinates given, the results should reflect reality, and not a common consensus view of such. Again, make any sense at all?

Stated another way, with another issue for remote viewing, especially of the 'ancient past'. No previous remote viewing session of any date prior to 1000 cce (*current common era), or rather the alleged year 1000, can have validity if the results reflected the 'common consensus view' of that reality. This is due to much of the common consensus view of history being a manufactured fake. So by way of illustration, anyone ever claiming to have viewed the crucifixion of jesus christ had better, for their own credibility, have reported their own shock at seeing everyone in the crowd wearing medieval clothes. This is but one point of illustration. Others relative to both remote viewing and channelling of 'past' entities also arise given both the helical model of the solar system as well as A. Fomenko's (and others, critical thinking into alleged history). This, and other information begs the questions of all channeler as to why they ONLY and ALWAYS support the common consensus view of history and reality.

The helical model also dooms many of the 'revelations' provided by 'telepathic contacts' over the years of UFO history. Much of the contact material from the 1950's onward can now easily be categorized as fraudulent in a prima facia case in that all the supposed aliens were JUST as ignorant as your average human of the years of the alleged contact. This is also true of the more famous, and long lived frauds such as Billy Mier. His 'revelations' and contacts are clearly bogus in that they support both heliocentricism, and the 'biblical understanding' of history. So, as with all contactees (so far), we can only get out what is in the brain of the 'contactee'. To my way of thinking, what is the point? If we are limited to Billy's ignorance as his volumes of statements now prove, then his contact, even if 'real' in a universe outside Billy's mind, is useless to the rest of us. Just more spew with no meaning.

Hmmm...so more nails in the idea of corporal (human or machines) time travel. And some serious questions for remote viewers and channelers. Not that we have much time for either any more with more practical matters pressing....

next up a rethink of the meso american, incan, mayan and south american civilizations, both as regards to their historical time lines, and the symbols that still remain. These both need to be chewed again for nutritious understandings that may come from some helical model seasoning....and of course, being linguists, we pay attention to our own words as well as those of others, and note that seasoning, and the seasons, and thus the holidays, also will benefit from a rethink, the helical motion way.

But, actually all this thinking is slowing down the next report so may put it on hold for a few days more helical spin through space, and pick it up again, when we are all.....over there in December.



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