electric you...


We live inside an electric universe.

The sun is electric at the core of all its activities, not nuclear as suggested in last century. It must also be acknowledged that even nuclear radioactivity is but a difference in expression of electricity, rather than a difference of kind of energy.

The earth is electric, and produces and interacts with vast numbers of electromagnetic grids naturally occurring.

Humans are electric, and take great delight in playing with the essence of their very nature, electricity. Humans also produce and interact with vast numbers of electromagnetic grids, many not natural, nor native to earth.

You are electric, and as such are also an electricity sensor array of great and subtle power. When the little hairs on the back of your neck go straight up and quiver like a conehead at moons alignment as you pass that dark alley, you are registering the electric potential (voltage) of the bastard deep in the shadows waiting to jack the next fellow walking by. Of course, he was hoping that you were so inebriated (intoxicated) as to have shut down your electrical sensors for danger.

Since we are all electric in an all electric universe, it makes sense (pun intended) that we are sensors to all things electric.....including the future.

In an electric universe, where all motion (expression of time), is electrically powered at the most fundamental level, future manifestations have a form of pre-expression that has been demonstrated by humans (and animals) forever. This pre-manifestation future, is also pre-electric, but so are we, thus our ability to sense it. Western science places such expressions under the category of 'psychic' occurrences. This is merely a label, and an attempt at control of a segment of reality that frequently defies such control efforts of the mainstream mindset.

In an electric universe, energy matters. It is this key element. Energy IS universe. Therefore, in the continuous creation-destruction model of universe that i favor, the idea that there is everything (past, present, future) all expressing themselves in all possible variations (timelines), is wrong. Such is just too wasteful of energy, and does not fit the expressed fractal patterns of how energy is manifest within the material universe.

In the continuous creation-destruction model of universe, there are not multiple timelines. Rather there is a 'reality manifestation membrane' (yes, similar to how string theory represents their idea of 'branes') through which reality is expressed. This 'membrane' is interactive with our consciousness, both individually and collectively. Please note, this includes all beings in universe, not merely humans. As we all (planets, aliens, worms, sea cucumbers, orangoutans, et al) interact individually with the 'reality manifestation membrane', we are also, at too many levels to track, interacting with each other through the membrane. The complexity of these interactions are so vast that our minds place a filter on how we perceive the whole thing, and thus the illusion of solidity and matter are created.

While universe powers us (all beings) individually, we, collectively, power the 'variation' in universe. Because we are all, in our vast numbers, interacting with the reality manifestation membrane, individually, we all make changes in the membrane that affect all other beings in their interactions with the membrane. Thus we have the practical appearance of an infinite level of variation. And that should be clear as this side of the moon during an eclipse.

The reason that this is pertinent has to do with the Farsight.org 2012 experiment. This experiment was ingeniously designed to actively involve universe at a non human level within the results. It worked. It does not, in my opinion, prove the idea of multiple timelines as i have an alternate view of how universe chooses to express itself. However, it does, in my opinion, prove the effectiveness (next year) of remote viewing as a tool for decision making.

In the continuous creation-destruction model, the Farsight 2012 experiment validates many of the 'irrevocable process' descriptions of time provided by Kozyrev in his work (yes, some of his stuff was measuring hyperdimensional effects, but he also nailed the temporal interactive field (membrane)).

In the view of the 'irrevocable process', the up coming 2012/2013 disruptions on earth are even now 'building up' on the 'other side' of the membrane, and that is how the remote viewers in the Farsight experiment picked them up. As well as how our own work described the 'global coastal event' some years back.

In the view of the multiple timelines concept of reality, there are an infinite variation of everything happening all at once. This idea works against demonstrable energy flows in the material universe, but it is a convenient method of thinking about possibilities. However, it has some flaws that are inherent in the lack of complexity being considered, and (in my opinion) makes for potential errors in thinking.

In the view of multiple timelines, some events are so large that 'all timelines must go through them'. In this view of multiple timelines of the 'now', infinitely expressing simultaneously, there is the erroneous idea that one could 'shift timelines'. Even in within this understanding of universe this would not be possible, as your local consciousness could not 'shift' itself out of any temporal 'river' in which it was placed. Not without huge amounts of energy...the energy required to rip your atoms from that stream....so consciousness will not affect your timeline, under this model.

In the 'shifting your timeline theory', you could 'decide' to make certain decisions certain ways, but the argument that any action thus taken would alter your timeline is spurious. Rather it is much easier to conceive of it as being mere determinism forced upon you by the particular timeline (in this model) in which you happen to reside. In this idea you were forced by the timeline you are in to make those decisions that way, even as you think you are changing your timeline by so doing. The 'proof' offered is that you never end up with exactly the timeline viewed by the future forecasters (prophets, remote viewers, all of us nutters). You could just as easily say that the reason that the future never works out as viewed is that you were 'seeing' the other timeline.

Of course it is all very complex (the multiple timelines model) as your consciousness must necessarily be spread across your identity in multiple timelines. This is what is cited as evidence for the theory (self referential so must be discounted) of multiple timelines, as well as being the mechanism, under this model, whereby remote viewers can foresee the future...sometimes. This 'sometimes' qualifier is pertinent as, when they are inaccurate, the 'other timeline being seen' is cited as the reason. As an aside, those in law enforcement will recognize this as the SODDI defense (some other dude did it). In this case, it is some other timeline that was seen, and thus that is the reason for inaccuracy of future forecasts in this multiple timeline model of reality.

It never occurred to me to consider universe in this light in my own work (or i could have claimed to never been wrong...some other time line did it)....rather i use the continuous creation/destruction model in my thinking and our work here at HPH. So in our model, the reality expression membrane is what the remote viewers are feeling up to get their views of things non local. It is also this reality expression membrane that exerts pressure (electrical) on you and all other humans, thus causing y'all to leak out changes in your language that i picked up in my work for our future forecasts.

Now note that my view does not diminish the importance of the Farsight work. It still has universe intruding through their experiment to warn of devastation just ahead......but in my opinion it does not prove multiple timelines. The deviation in viewing in their experiment has to do with how it was structured. In the structure of the experiment a key element is whether or not mainstream academia admits to remote viewing and extra terrestrial life. So, inadvertently, what has been captured, has been a particular layer of interaction between all of us humans, and the reality manifesting membrane.

It does not matter, by the way, whether i am correct in my view, or if the multiple timelines model is a more accurate expression of how universe is organized. We still have the Farsight.org experiment results slapping us in the face and yelling "Yo, humanity, wake up!"




July 31,2012

Copyright...all rights reserved, no copying without attribution. And as i point out, one would be courting folly claiming words as the above. In times such as these, thinking is its own punishment.