notes, March 2013...

with respect....


*so sorry my absymal ignorance has offended my cousins from the Plains of North America. It was not my intent to bind the nefarious 'sky people', with the ancestors of the Plains peoples, and their relationship to the 'star people'. Slip of the tongue that was not intended. Two different, and differing 'their'-stories.

**as noted on the last IDIR report, the 'pressure in the pipe' of the data is suggesting a 'something' about to break into msm (mainstream media = lying presstitutes). We now think, due to latest spyder summations, that this is about 8 to 11 days out. Probably, given the current global situation, it will begin as an economic story.

***Yes, if the planetary electrical grid goes down, Bitcoins go away. However, until, and if, that occurs, this unregulated currency is going to kick ass on all of Mr. Global's fiat-backed-by-crime-currencies. So for my money, as the expression goes, give me Bitcoin. As a matter of walk-the-walk...when, and if universe allows for it, we offer the April IDIR series, we will be presenting it with a huge (say 90%) discount for Bitcoin payments.....and i do mean IF universe allows....we will offer the series for 10 per cent, in dollar terms, that is 'three dollars equivalent in BitCoins', at whatever is the daily exchange rate when the purchase is completed.

****big changes coming for north america. Really damn soon.