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emails from readers...


Been meaning to write a thank you and seeing that most recent video I
figured I had better do it now as universe has prompted me to.

I have two things that I am very thankful for and which is why I
constantly promote your work.

1. Back in 2012 I was a just stirring but 90% asleep. It had been a hot
year in 2011/12 and the winter in Ohio had been warm ,there was no
reason for it to not be warm winter again in 2012 into 2013.
Well I found you in the late summer 2012 and you said it was going to be
a terribly cold winter coming around next winter. We had moved from
Seattle to Ohio and were not prepared for any kind of winter at all and
had 2 yr old daughter as well to take care of.
The winter of 2012 into 13 was a typical cold winter but nothing like
what was to come. I had followed your weather reports for almost a full
year at that point by mid year 2013 and realized that the webbot reports
were insanely accurate on weather. So I started on my gathering up
supplies for the coming winter. I had nothing to start with as I had
been the most sheeple of sheeple for all of my life and I was 40 at the
time, with nothing but a small amount of Fiat and little in preparation.
I found candles and blankets and duct tape and many more winter clothes
and food. Thats about all I could muster for that year but it was enough
to save us for what was to come.

That vortex hit and we were living in a pre fab , very poorly made
rental house. Wind blew through the place like it was made for living
in the South during plantation times. Just porous to the extreme. Our
furnace couldnt keep up and shutdown whilst it was -40 F outside. I
pulled out the supplies and we had to start nailing and taping up thick
blankets to the doors and windows to keep the cold out. we had the child
all wrapped up heavily. we had to bring out the candles and burn them to
just get a few more degrees of warmth into the house and then we had
some food to eat since i had gone shopping.

That was the wakeup call there.That solidified my knowledge of what was
to come. I was fortunate we didnt suffer but it was touch and go on how
dangerous it could have been. Vortex storm after storm his us that
winter. It was shocking. All the bot language came to pass for that weather.

So from them on I was pushed to do more. Work harder and prepare. I
started gardening and learning how to grow food and then started to
spend less time gaming and watching tv and more time learning and
reading and moving atoms around.

That led us to move and get a house of our own that was sturdy enough
for polar vortex's and to be able to garden. I could go on and on about
things but for that point its most important of saving us from possible
freezing death its most important to get out there. Forewarned is forearmed.

I am that chap that spoke to you a few years back about getting my
son-to-be circumcised. We did not get his circumcised and had a bit of a
fight with hospital and such about it but in the end we made it out ok.
My wife and i talked about it the other day and she commented on how
that "sanitation" thing is just bs because in her experience now having
the cover has actually prevented the penis from getting as dirty and is
more of a cover than a trap. I am just pleased that he is not cut and
preserved as whole. If it wasnt for you though I never would have even
thought of it because it was so foreign to my old monkey mind as that
had been what I was told for decades. That led me and my wife to look
into many other aspects of medical community to get away from and find a
new way.

well time is important and dont want to waste anymore of yours. take
care and thanks!