Fog, and water

While examining the data sets from our most recent gathering in the effort to produce the upcoming (July 1 most probably) report, data relating to the [nuclear plants (central USofA)] emerged in 3/three different entities.

First we note this is a projection of language that *may* emerge in the mainstream media (aka propaganda press) over these next few weeks. Second we note that the data sets referenced are from the most recently gathered immediacy value sets.

The primary aspect/attribute that we have for the [flooded nuclear plants] headed by the descriptor of [fog]. This is a multiple layered context, and includes supporting sets for [fog (over knowledge)], and [fog (radioactive)], and [fog (of confusion from officialdom)], and further, [fog (of confusion (in populace) over what to do/where to go?)]. Deeper layers of detail show the [fog] becoming [so dense] as to [obscure] the [center (of the site).

More distressing is that the [fog] is described as [obscuring the details (of the restraints?)] and [limiting (the view of) the developing disaster]. Please note it is a bad sign when our data sets have such bespoke nasty words as [disaster]. Further disturbing words include [isolation], and [humilation (of attendees)], and [not good news (that must be absorbed)]. Other details include sets for [punishment] {ed note: associated with minion class, officialdom...again, not a good sign}, and [attempt (at restoring) order], and [failure (to take every precaution) at the beginning]. Again, NOT good signs for a good resolution.

Other NOT good signs include a heavy weighting of release language from the 21st through the 25th of June with a special emphasis on the Populace/USofA. Especially noteworthy is a set of data with very high emotional sums that is centered on [release (of explosive noises) over water] that will be in place in about 9/nine days.

Also please note that we are only nearing 46 per cent of the forecast [flood] language for the Populace/USofA for this Spring/Summer. Sooooo.....likely a few more [flood] related news stories will be showing up after we cross the solstice in a few days.

As this is immediacy data, and likely is manifesting as you read this, not too much more that can be said of a meaningful nature as time will very soon provide the unfolding of the next stage of the [flood] language for our edification and elucidation.

On a related note, we took Q'oki-oki out for a trail of the new ama's and dagger (lee) boards and rudder. Everything behaved admirably and ably, and crew, and skipper were satisfied with both the design and the proofing.


crew;s dog named minion.




clif high

June 20, 2011

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