Everything in 'life' is about timing. Get timing right, and you can rule universe. Personally, not my goal. Ruling universe strikes me as a real pain in the ass constantly demanding your attention away from what is really important....working on yourself (some of us do this through boats, others through arts, bikes, pies, knitting, hospice work, et cetera out to about 7 billion variants). However, my opinion of the worth of the goal of ruling universe does not, (apparently) mean squat to a great many of the beings that also inhabit this planet i call home.

While i may be naive, perhaps even extremely so given the rate of change of the miniutia of life, i do recognize that not everyone is as internally focused as i. There are many beings out there that are so repulsive, even to themselves, that they turn all their attention to externals, such as forcing others into twisted acts. These beings dare not look inward, and, sadly, thus have become a pain in the tukas to all of the other beings on my home world.

We, that is to say, this writer, his dear wife cathy of four decades, and igor, his long suffering companion of the paranoid persuasion, and ANYONE else who has communicated with us by way of the telephone (and likely emails) over this past 8+ months, has been in contact, albeit unknowingly, with some of the sadly twisted people of the power structure.

It would appear that our phones are tapped. Well, while not really a surprise, i had always assumed it was the more bizarre part of goverment/officialdom that was involved. And while i cannot rule that out, we now have become aware that certain predatory-octopi financial firms had been paying big bucks to get a real time feed off our communications.

Needless to say, this is irritating.

Right in the middle of boat work, i now have to stop and gnaw on this.

It means i have to change things.

Oh, i have known for some period of time.

The title is salis. It is defined on page 499 of seliš nyo nuntn, the dictionary of the words of the peoples of the selis seas. It pretty well tells how we will be expressing our gnawing for a while.

My apologies to all the humans, and other beings who are not poking us with sticks. We must first deal with these misguided fellows before we are prepared to resume our interactions with the more gentle aspects of universe. Again, sorry for the impact that this will necessarily provoke.


posted March 10, 2012 by clif high