Yet more critical thinking and those damn old taoists...

with respect, let us be clear.


Words are important. Especially as a tool reaching towards critical thinking.

Thus it is with awareness that the following statement is made; critical thinking is about being self analytic with respect to our own presumed knowledge. Stated another way, critical thinking means to be aware of the tendency for 'sludge' to accumulate in our analysis of universe over time as assumptions of the moment mature into permanent bias.

Critical thinking does not mean to be critical of others. As if to reinforce that fact, those humans most possessive of critical thinking are constantly giving other humans space on everything as they (the critical thinker) realize just how screwy is their own thought process. And they are self analytic and self critical. Imagine what it is like to be neither.

Not all things are visible, nor apparent in universe, and most situations are extremely complicated, if not complex. This noted, there have been a number of questions raised about the 'lawsuit to end the NWO'.

In the instant of examination of the documents and wujo context of the lawsuit, it becomes clear that very wonky thinking is involved in this from a big picture perspective which is lost to those within the details of what appears to be a charade.

Note, if accurately reported (as a component of the whole lawsuit to end NWO storyline....go to divinecosmos.com to follow this), by David Wilcock the amount of gold on the planet is 2 million tons of gold instead of the mere 120,000 tons of gold reported by officialdom global estimates. If so, it is not, as David and others who are emotionally attached to the 'lawsuit as nice and easy solution to NWO without violence, death, revolution, destruction, and horror' camp, worth anything like what they think. Ask anyone who buys metals. Ask any dealer.....the more gold, the cheaper it becomes. They, David Wilcock, and the rest of the 'lawsuit camp followers' are victims of their own ignorance of commodities markets, and the assumptions hardened into their point of view of universe.

Please note, that the 'discovery' or revealing of an additional 1.88 million tons of gold on the planet would, in an of itself, crash the financial system to rubble. What must be understood by the lawsuit aficionado's is that the whole of terrestrial humanity's exchange system is based on scarcity. It is only the rarity of certain minerals that give them 'perceived value'. If gold is plentiful, it is not valuable.

Further, as a side note, in battling a control system (aka NWO/Illuminati/bastard zionist elites), it is unrealistic to expect the control system to set up rules (aka the 'legal system') that would either facilitate or allow for its own destruction. In other words, the NWO planetary control system that provides the red shield group with their power will not be removed from within by its own rules. The legal system exists to protect the interests of the power elite, and for no other reason.

Now it can readily be imagined that the NWO system of control systems itself could be undone from within, however all such thoughts return to extra systemic asymmetry as the actual tactic that does the job, rather than any form of 'within the system niceties' such as lawsuits.

As a note of personal confession, i admit to a certain laisse faire attitude about much of the conspiracy verbiage in the wujo. This attitude is bordering on becoming pure disinterest as mind thinks, 'oh yeah, smelt that bullshit before and it still stinks'.

However this time, things are interesting. As an old fart watching his own slow reabsorption back into matterium, and full of years of observing dark doings, it is within my experience to understand what David Wilcock is going through. You see, i have no doubt at all that David Wilcock IS indeed being threatened.

Threats perceived are threats received. Having been on the receiving side of some, i know how it feels, but more importantly, being into critical thinking, i recognize how such threats are multiple layered tactics.

To those in the nasty stare of the public eye, information will be presented by all manner of 'tipsters'. Most, in my experience, of the presented reports lead back to bogus information, though it may have come through very well meaning humans. Look at how pervasive this effect is within the msm (mainstream media = propaganda whore press) where the reporters are constantly showing up with bogus stories. Some are actually invented by the press whore-wannabe's trying to creatively write their way up the corporate ladder, but many are from well intentioned reporters who get suckered with seemingly good information.

One surety about the whole situation is that every presentation of information is intended to create a response. Whether the information comes from an honest person with no agenda who is just responding to a WTF! contact with reality, or whether the information is coming from the dark rectum connected to the digestive bowels of the secret ops world, it's presentation is intended to elicit a response.

What makes this case particularly interesting is the curious nature of the collective experience around 'the lawsuit'. The whole 'lawsuit to end the NWO meme' has been in circulation for almost 2/two years now, and we first reported on the seemingly extra systemic approach to 'solution' about a year earlier in our forecasts. But, from the perspective of those who are proffering the 'lawsuit as external savior with no violence to change the world and yet somehow the elites remain in power meme', the response has been worse than tepid. So far, an abject failure.

As a point of comparison, the power elite received much more bang for their emotional buck on the 'Wanta trillions to save the world'. Or even its lower level emotional derivative cousin, the 'iraqi dinar gonna save my personal financial butt' meme.

It is necessary to note in this context that some years ago i discovered that a conspiracy board named Godlikeproductions, or GLP, (the gulper's here at hph), is being used as a 'signalling' device. Perhaps even a triggering platform, though i am not yet certain about that just yet. However, it is certain that a relationship exists between specific forms of posts about wujo individuals on the GLP forum and events that occur in those persons lives some weeks later. The number of weeks varies with the personalities involved. In this specific case of David Wilcock, the delta on the appearance of specific forms of posts at GLP and events in his life is never less than 3/three weeks and never more than 4/four. It is my understanding that David Wilcock is aware of this relationship.

Not so curiously then, when my spyders picked up some of these specifically formed 'tell' posts at the gulpers 3+ weeks ago, i put a mental tickler into place to be looking for something new to emerge around or within David's life. This morning it emerged that a death threat was the next plot twist in this real-life drama.

Please note that i specifically DO think the death threat was very real indeed.

You see, it all makes perfect sense in a strange, wujo twisted way; the power elites employ disinfo squads to suck energy OUT of situations such as we have with the Great Rapid Unraveling Naked Cash Heist (GRUNCH homage to Bucky!) currently on going here on earth. How do they suck energy out of such situations? Well....by captivating it, and redirecting into areas that will spiral into themselves. A basic NLP/hypnosis thing that is also harmonizing with how universe works (the whole spiraling inward aspect). A basic, mass mind control tool. They, the power elite use it all the time as it is one of their best tools. Other examples are the Wanta Trillions... endlessly absorbing retelling of the external savior myth refocused onto the money system of the planet.

They use this siphon-n-spiral technique as it usually works.

That no real natural emotional pool is developing around the 'Fulford lawsuit to end the NWO' probably has annoyed those tasked with implementing this next play to divert emotional energy. So, as with all good directors, when the audience has lost interest in the plot, they bring out the special effects boys...whose first response is usually something very dramatic, escalating, and flashy.

Such as death threats. Always an attention getter...i know personally, and damn dramatic.

The psy-ops team get their bang for the buck by rudely banging down the mental doors of their chosen subject in order to do what? No, not to frighten them...that is merely the motivation toward their goal which is the production and projection of yet more emotional energy into the situation.

An analysis of David Wilcock at an objective level of the material he has participated in revealing shows a fairly core Vatta body type individual who also demonstrates the tendency of those with this body type to be empathetic, imaginative, and creative, and emotionally expressive. As a 'peak individual' of this body type, David is also, as expected, charismatic and possessive of abilities to project his emotional vibrational complex in a very focused, and effective manner. Especially to other humans also sharing Vatta body type characteristics. It is this aspect/attribute set that have propelled him up the wujo speaking circuit to his present situation. This is how his body template expresses into universe, but also note that the personality within the template possesses considerable skill and nuance in the use of the body template. All of this combined makes David Wilcock an excellent target vehicle for the psy-ops control crews.

If they can direct David via manipulating his vatta dosha in their desired direction, then they can, through him, direct his audience, which is considerable. Again, his very success at employing his template effectively here in matterium will naturally make him a target of the tools of the power elite who will certainly try to make him as they are, yet another tool.

By hook, or by crook, as we are witnessing on the wujo stage now. By the way, these psy-ops boys try this sheeit on lots of wujo fellows.

But, it is this contextual understanding of the situation that forms my position that the threats are indeed real, though it would seem unreasonable for the psy-ops boys to waste David over this lawsuit meme. The situation would not seem to warrant risking potential future use of David's position as an unwitting participant in their dramas by actually killing him now. Having learned Paranoia, the martial art from Master Igor, it would still seem advisable for David to operate in 'touchy and twitchy' mode, but examining the downside of for the psy-ops of David's premature demise suggests that it is unlikely over this level of material.

It is the mud that fills the spew that makes contact with reality difficult. While the internet has provided chaos that we may dispute the 'order' of our self declared masters/rulers, within the muddy slick that is our medium of contention, discernment at all levels is required. Note that sometimes, merely because it is required of the larger strategy, tactics of the enemy are accepted for the moment.

We see that those damn old taoists waaay back, back before history gets mystery (about 1000 alleged year current era), had a perfectly correct view of reality when they stated that 'awareness changes all'.

To be aware of our roles in universe is a very difficult and continually demanding task as these change over time and situation, yet it is perfectly true that such awareness is key to the only 'escape clause' in the system. The buddhists phrased it as 'only those who observe (the patterns ruling their destiny), can step out of them'. In this new time that we have settling upon our collective shoulders, it may be better to observe that 'awareness allows us to best direct our roles'.



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December 15, 2011 by clif high